Zone Ten on behalf of Zone Nine Ethiopian bloggers

( WEGESHAW 01.05 2014 )

It is known that Reeyot Alemu our young heroine who sadly enough is languishing in the dengeons of the cruel and atrociuos regiem in Ethiopia is kept in solitary in the KALITI horrible prison. Thanks to her definition we know now what ZONE NINE really means in our country.

By the way Addis Abeba the historical center, where unheard of human suffering and mass torturings are taking place is not only the capital city of Ethiopia but also a seat for as big as AFRICAN UNION and many other known International offices. The story goes as follows: It is a fact that Reeyot is isolated and thrown in the dark room for her defaiance against tyranny and injustice. Atrocities are definitely perpetrated against her too. Even medical treatment is denied for her serious illness which needs immediate emergency attention! Nowadays her closest loved ones were pushed out when they tried to visit for that meager 30 minutes. Could one imagine that only thirty minutes are there for Prisoners to be visited after not having seen their relatives or friends for several months if not years?

Here, we are only talking about KALITI PRISON, without mentioning MAEKELAWI MAGORIA or countless KEBELE prisons where sever torturings such as “castrating male inmates like oxen” as the infamous prison torturers love to express with irony. This is a hell on earth where women breasts are beaten by gun buts, or gang raping takes place. Where electrocution is applied on helpless prisoners. Where people are creepled by sever beatings with many individual’s eyes blinded due to physical injuries inflicted deliberatlely. These all inhuman and facistic acts are perpetrated on already weakend and sick prisoners. That kind of cruelity are widely applied throughout Ethiopia today. These facts are also recorded repetetively by many International Human rights inistitutions and activists!
The Government has long ago banned International inistitutions like the Red Cross or phisicians without Borders, so that they won’t have the opportunity to exspose the genocide taking place in Ethiopia.
Please open the following attachments:

While all these heavy burden could be life threatenning Reeyot Alemu’s spirit was not broken at all. In her relatively better times, when her friends were allowed for that mean 30 minutes visit, she used to meet them with humour. Once on her visit she asked her friends SO, HOW ARE THINGS GOING ON IN ZONE NINE? Her friens were confused with that strange question. They knew that Kality prison or MAGORIA BET has got not more than eight zones, they wondered where from did Reeyot get the NINTH one? Some time has passed when her friends understood that it was highly relevant joke of exact similarity with what is going on in the country. She was talking about the comparetively much wider and much bigger prison. We have been informed that KALITI, with eight zones in It, where Reeyot with many other heroes of Ethiopia like: Andualem Aragie, Eskinder Nega, Bekele Gerba and thousands of other innocent Ethiopians are forced to languish is a place with one or two toilets for upto 300 inmates, where medical attention is not given addequetly and prisoners are ill fed.
KALITI PRISON was described well by information gathered from previously imprisoned individuals, but Reeyot Alemu was talking about another prison when she reffered to as ZONE NINE. She was telling about a much bigger prison whith hundreds if not thousands smaller ones and tens of massive hidden concentration camps included in it places. It is meant to represent the biggest of all prisons of TPLF which is ZONE NINE. Deep sadness and anger sarrounds us to know that ZONE NINE is nothing other than our mother land Ethiopia as a whole, where 90 million people are taken hostage since 23 years now under gun points by few criminal rulers and their security and military apparatus.

These forces of tyranny include the military, federal police, security agents, cadres, even kebele guards. All of the mentioned evil power equipped with massive armaments ready to shoot right on the heads or chests by using live boolets which are loaded by sharp shooters. Those soldiers were supposed to defend the people and sovereighnity of what they say “their oun country”, but sadly enough the top commanding ranks were taken by one Ethnic group led by a party whose hidden agenda is looting the masses and bringing total destruction to the land with its people altogether. Those days it is difficult to consider that the country has got an Ethiopian Army. They are just an army of killing squads whose aim is massacring the people of Ethiopia led by one ethnic group. Here we have to take in mind that there are many low ranked poor soldiers who don’t have the decision making ability, and hence may one day side with the people when the right time comes. They surely know that they are massacring their own brothers and sisters. Please open the following attachment to learn about the facts of the hidden agenda from a reliable source:

So, our intelligent youth bloggers inspired by the exspression they first time heard from Reeyot Alemu in KALITY, decided Their screen name to be ZONE NINE. that was how ZONE NINE BLOGERS created. There is no any wrong doing with that! Recall that KALITY PRISON has got seven zones for the male prisoners and one, the eighth one, for female inmats. For children like NAFKOT who experienced prisons even before they were born, ZONE EIGHT was both their birth place, where their beds were sarrounded by rats bigger than the children themselves. No medical attention was and still is given to their mothers or infants. No prenatal or postnatal medical care, Instead harrasments beatings and tortures are served. What a shame to the rulling government in this stage of twenty first century?!
Now, why are ZONE NINE bloggers thrown from ZONE NINE TO ZONE SEVEN Prison by the same brutal tyranny? The answer is simple, it is like in that recent spectacular protest march slogans of Andenet party, which sounds:

Or equaly highly appreciated Blue party slogans, among others:

Yes, todays Ethiopia is full of known and hidden from the world terrible prisons. In Addis alone except Kality, Maekelawi, throughout the city in every Kebele one can count smaller prisons. Apart from those in all “KILILS” there are huge hidden concentration camps of TPLF where Ethiopians are harrassed, severly beaten, tortured and killed! In every region there are such mass MAGORIAS. It is better if we refer to them as ETHIOPIAN GULAGS. From the north to the south and east to west of the country prisons after prisons have suffocated the wider masses: Some to mention – Birr Sheleko, Baddo sidest, Mekod, Dedessa, Zeway. Every one with capacity to accomodate prisoners counting in tens of thousand. In Shire -Tigray alone for example the highest capacity from 30,000 to 50,000 inmates. Can one imagine that ? (these facts about the concentration camps of TPLF were recorded by Tigrayan Ethiopians activists who have stood for justice and human rights. Individuals who exposed about those concentration camps were few, we hope we would hear more since it is commendable ).

All ZONE EIGHT prisoners are locked up without court order and have been tortured. The judiciery system is not free either. Many are found in solitary. Several eloquent patriotic political activist like Andualem Arragie, who dearly loves his county have been silenced, despite that they are still speaking loud to the World by telling the truth in silence!

ZONE NINE BLOGGERS emmerged to use their God given rights of free speech. They started to tell the truth about ZONE EIGHT and democracy, rule of law and liberty to happen in Ethiopia in general. This was the reason why they have been transfered from Zone Nine to Zone seven. Now, who will speek for Zone Nine bloggers when they have been locked up and tortured? We think the time has come to open another front called ZONE TEN BLOGGERS.

We know that zone Eight represents Kality prison, zone Nine means Ethiopia as a whole as wider prison, then what is zone ten?
There are countless Ethiopian prisoners arround the World. There are Ethiopian Refugees in tens of thousands around the Globe. This compatriots of ours are leading a miserable life, hell on earth. This mass Exodus of refugees is caused by inability to cope with life in Ethiopia due to the cruel and brutal regiem in the country. The sufferings of our country men and women with their families arround the world is well recorded:

Sine most of the Ethiopian refugees flee their country to escape from the atrocities commited on them and their families back at home, they are indirect prisoners of TPLF. Even if they have reched to the Arab countries or Europe by narrowly escaping death, while others, in hundreds and thousands perished deep in the seas or Sahara desert, they are still considered as prisoners of the current illegal and criminal Government of Ethiopia. So we have to include them all in ZONE TEN. Many were abducted from neighbouring countries and brought back to Ethiopian prisoners. Our country is full of concentration camps, she is saturated with KEBELE detention rooms.

Some of us, who say are relatively free by living abroad and experience democracy of the free world, prospering in some ways may seem to be totally satisfied with our situation. But deep in our concious and hearts we always lack a huge part in our inner lives, which is LOVE OF ONCE COUNTRY. One beautifull Ethiopian expression defines it all – “ETEBTE YETEKEBERET MERET”. We forget the fact that we have been denied of the love of our motherland by the tyrannical regiem. When we go home after decades of separation for a visit, so that we quench our nostalgia and longings with our people and land, we have been seen as un invited foreign guests. We are not foreign aliens to be feared or hated, even if we have changed our citizinships to other countries. It is like in the lovely Ethiopian song mentioned “BE WEREKET YESEW BE DEM YANCHI NACHEW”! Yes, on paper we belong to other citizenshp but by blood we remain Ethiopians!

The causes of BRAIN DREIN in our country mostly comes out of bad governance. Ethiopia our blessed country has got multiple high calibre scholars and intelectuals out there in the World who are working for the betterment of their respective countries they are forced to live. Had we got good governance and rule of law, all these respected Ethiopians by blood: professors, Medical Doctors, Ingeneers, call what profession is left… would have engulfed their beloved motherland! These scholars would have elevated not only their country from the abyss, that she has got heself thanks to the current Government but Africa as a continent itself.

Preventing people from going back to their own country leads to internal spiritual imprisonments. That is what the current Government in Ethiopia is doing on us the so called diaspora. Therefore we could be included to ZONE TEN PRISONERS too.We, the diaspora Ethiopians can’t vote to elect our leaders back at home by living abroad like the free World is enjoying. We like to vote for our people even if the result we already know would be 99.6% for the fake winner, as long as the present regiem exists. Don’t worry though, time will come when true elections would take place in Ethiopia one day. When we travel to visit our parents or friends, why are we being followed by desguised security personels like criminal intruders? Many of our businesses fail due to bureaucracy and lack of good governance or racism. Our private phone calls, e-mail messages or skype messages to our country are all spied by Ethiopian telecom secret agents which have long been converted into an intelligence spying office. We have become the only country on the planet where people are thrown into jails for skyping, where as in this stage of technological growth and achievements, skyping has become part of a given daily life – not big deal.

The letters we write to our loved ones back at home are been opened and checked. We have been told by some police Sergeatns that in case we demand justice and rule of law for our country, we are automatically counted as dangerous terrorists. That, there are those who have the power to abduct us and bring back to ZONE NINE prisons even if we hide ourselves in Heaven itself leave alone the planet earth. If strong and heroic Ethiopian patriots in exile defended their beloved country against tyrannical regiem by standing in front of the World leaders, they recieved life threatening warnings and even assasination attempts had been disclosed.
In short we in the diaspora are also victims of the regiem back at home.We can say that we are the most fre-est prisoners of TPLF, who have got protection by the free democratic World. For all these reasons we need to open ZONE TEN BLOGGERS outsid Ethiopia. We have been speaking out for justice to prevail and now continue with even more enthusiasm till our blessed land and people be liberated. What is now left to do is uniting all ZONES to struggle for the freedom of mother Ethiopia.
FREE ZONE EIGHT in Kality prison And Maekelawi.
Ethiopia should prevaile.

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