Zenawi Is Panicking Over Al Bashir’s Arrest Warrant

Meles ZenawiEditor’s note: Michelle Faul, the AP‘s chief of African news says that Meles Zenawi and his entire gang are among those considered possible targets of the court for war crimes and crimes against humanity they are perpetrating in Ethiopia.

Joe Michael (6 March 2009) Ethiopian leaders are screaming loud at ICC against the recent warrant it issued to the Sudan leader. They alleged that the warrant would destabilize peace in Sudan. The truth is – they don’t care about Sudan at all. They are against the warrant because they are worried about themselves knowing that they are next.

Al Bashir has committed serious crimes in Darfur. More than 300,000 people have been killed; human beings were cut into pieces and burned alive; thousands of young women have been raped; millions of houses have been burned and the people were forced to leave, etc. The ICC has more than enough evidence that can attest the direct involvement of Al Bashir in these crimes. Legally, Al Bashir was supposed to be arrested and brought to justice long time ago.

Billions of people around the world condemned Al Bashir’s atrocities. The free world appealed to the United Nation through uncountable petitions and protests. Even as we speak, Darfur remains to be one of the dangerous places on earth for human beings. People are still dying, woman are getting raped. However, slowly, but surely, justice to those millions of Darfur victims is around the corner.

In light of such clear crime and atrocities in Darfur, the Ethiopian government, a government that has been committing similar crimes against its people became the first government to condemn Al Bashir’s arrest warrant. The condemnation is not a surprise either to the international community or to the Ethiopians who have been victimized by their government. Naturally, criminals never want to see other criminals brought to justice.

Since the EPRDF government took power in 1991, thousands of Ethiopians have been killed, arrested and tortured because they opposed the government. The government has also been engaged in several domestic and regional wars and committed serious war crimes. They burned villages, raped women, and murdered innocent civilians. Several political prisoners, including the main opposition party leader are still in jail in solitary confinements.

The shameless Ethiopian leaders have no motive for peace what so ever when they rejected Al Bashir’s arrest warrant. They are only trying to circumvent their own arrest warrants. What they should know, however, is regardless of what is going to happen to Al Bashir, they too are evidently criminals and justice will hunt them down.

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