Zenawi attacks EU observers

Editor’s note: Minutes after we reproduce the news below, Walta has removed it from it’s site. [Screen shot.]

Addis Ababa, May 25 (WIC) – The EU election observers’ mission in Ethiopia has failed to properly address its observation and failed to answer most of the questions posed by journalists in a press conference it held at Hilton Hotel today, May 25, 2010.

In his May 23, 2010 press conference, the Chief observer Thijs Berman reported that the irregularities it observed were technical errors insignificant to go into details but in this conference he along his team came back with a contradictory report.

Thijs said that there is lack of a level field for all contesting parties that contradict to his previous report and the reports of other observers. The Public, Civic and AU observers witnessed that the election was free, fair and democratic in any standard.

The Ethiopian people expected that EU observers could witness what they see with their eyes but they rather reported in line with their agendas to challenge the peace, stability and development of the country, according to some analysts.

The press conference was held just after the huge rally has ended. The people of Ethiopia made a rally throughout the country and warned HRW and other groups to leave the politics to them and rather help their development.

The crowed was saying: Respect our votes, Stop intimidation! Leave the politics to us! Witness what you really see and observe! However, the European Union election observing mission failed to read the interest and feeling of the Ethiopian people and continued reporting unbalanced and inaccurate reports. Ana Gomez came to Ethiopia in the 2005 national election and put heads of many Ethiopia
ns into water due to her inaccurate and biased report, some residents of Addis who we talked to said, adding that the EU election observer mission was responsible for the deaths of people due to the conflict in 2005 election.

According to the residents both Ana Gomez and Thijs have similar agenda.

Five years later Thijs Berman, a Netherlands, came to observe election 2010 but misrepresent the situation on the ground that the journalists have challenged him for his contradictory and inaccurate report as they themselves have been following the election.

It was know that Ethiopia closed its consular office in the Netherlands as that country has consistently showing bias to oppositions and has little interest to peace and stability in the country, the residents said, adding that leaders of opposition parties were gathered in the Embassy of the Netherlands and discussed whether to accept the results of election 2010 or not.

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