Zenawi’s Election board officially announced the result

According to the election board result, EPRDF and its allies won 99.9 percent of the provisional constituencies. The board announced EPRDF won all 178 seats in Oromia, all 138 seats in Amhara region, all 38 seats in Tigrai, 122 constituencies in Southern region and so forth. The board stated, it is only one seat that Medrek won in Ethiopia and that is in Addis Ababa.

Awramba Times also reported that the European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) to Ethiopia, said that the elections fell short of certain international commitments, notably the lack of level playing field for all parties and the transparency of the process.
Thijs Berman, the EU’s chief observer, said the weekend vote had been peaceful, but there were inequalities that favored the ruling party leading up to the election.

“The sheer volume and consistency of these complaints is a matter of concern,” said the chief observer on a press conference held today. “These shortcomings lead us to the conclusion that this electoral process falls short of certain international commitments.” According to Thijs Berman his mission observed that the ruling party had at times used state resources for campaign purposes, contributing to an unlevel playing field leaning in favour of the ruling party in many areas.

While EU EOM briefing at the Hilton hotel today; a rally was called by the ruling party as provisional returns showed a victory for the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front and its allies. Final results will be announced in late June.

An announcer at this rally read out slogans from signs held up by the ruling party supporters criticizing foreign rights groups. Some of the slogans read: “We chose our leaders, accept the results” and “Stop second guessing us.”

The press release of EU EOM states that the media generally ensured a neutral tone when covering main campaign events; however, more than 50% of campaign coverage was given to the ruling party in the state owned media. The media were cautious in their reporting.

The EU EOM will stay in Ethiopia to observe the tabulation of the results and the announcement of the final results. It will issue its final report within two months of the completion of the entire electoral process.

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