Young politician flee Ethiopia’s state terror

alex2.jpgalex1.jpgNairobi, 6 May 2008 (EMF) Amnesty International’s former Prisoner of conscience, Alemayehu Mesele left his family and his country to a neighboring country and then to Europe on Monday, after he was severely beaten up by Zenawi’s undercover agents. (Pictures: Alemayehu, left – after he was beaten)

The youngest CUDP CC member, Alemayehu was thrown into jail since November 1, 2005, on trumped up charges of treason and genocide, which was widely denounced by human rights groups. He was freed (pardoned) from prison just days after he was given life sentence over election protests.

After he was freed, Alemayehu was routinely harassed for his active role in organizing the youth.

During a welcoming lunch ceremony to congratulate the released Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD) party leaders, the organizers awarded Alemayehu a golden chain. Since then, he was under surveillances by security agents.

Alemayehu started his political career since the age of 15, right after the death of AAPO leader – Prof. Asrat Woldeyes, which upsets many youths and compelled them to come to politics. He was active in organizing the youth in Addis Ababa. He then joined Rainbow/CUD and become member of the central committee.

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