You are invited at Minnesota! Ethiopian Council for Reconciliation (ECRRJ)

You are invited to the launching of the Ethiopian Council for Reconciliation and Restorative Justice (ECRRJ)

Saturday, April 2, 2016 
1:00 to 5:00 PM
University of Minnesota – Minneapolis
Willey Hall Room 125 (West Bank; behind Mondale Hall)
225 19th Avenue S
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Nearest Parking: C86 Lot, 19th Ave. Ramp, or 21st Ave. Ramp

Minnesota is home to tens of thousands of Ethiopians. We have people from Oromia, Gambella, Tigray, the Somali region, the Amhara region, and other regions as well as various sub-groups from each. Yet, we seldom interact with our fellow Ethiopians outside our own groups.

Many of us want to help solve the many life-threatening problems facing our families, communities and ethnic groups back in Ethiopia; but, how can we bring broad systemic change that is sustainable without the help of others? Even if we could do it alone; should we bring it to only our own group without caring about others? If we understand this, and agree that we should work together for the good of all Ethiopians, the next question is: how can we work together if we do not trust each other? How can we trust each other if we never listen or talk to each other? How can we resolve grievances and reconcile if we do none of these? In other words; what must we do to cross the bridge of change together so as to achieve a better future for all? How do we begin?

Last year, the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia (SMNE) held a forum in Minnesota focused on “Talking to each other rather than about each other.” We heard from diverse voices of Ethiopians and it led to greater understanding, but to achieve greater goals, we must continue to move this vision forward in practical ways. An upcoming event will be a continuation of last year’s forum and a time to launch theEthiopian Council for Reconciliation and Restorative Justice (ECRRJ), an institution recently formed for this very purpose.

The focus will be how we could contribute to a people-to-people movement for healing, reconciliation and the restorative of justice in Ethiopia. The other focus will be how we could contribute to the resolution of the urgent issues in Ethiopia of injustice, mass protests accompanied by increasing violence, imminent famine with present food insecurity and the effect of these on the future stability of Ethiopia. What happens in the next weeks, months and year in Ethiopia and how it is addressed could make a huge difference to our future?  

You are invited to attend this people-to-people forum at Willey Hall on the U of MN campus on Saturday afternoon from 1:00-5:00 PM, April 2, 2016 sponsored by the SMNE.

You will be invited to engage with others in a joint effort towardsachieving the “next steps” of the process of bringing reconciliation, restorative justice, and meaningful reforms to Ethiopia. You will hear from diverse voices of Ethiopians and non-Ethiopian experts about how to advance the goals of the Council. This will be an opportunity to bring your ideas, solutions and efforts to the table.Come along with us in crossing the bridge to change together!

Harmonious society starts by talking to each other rather than about each other.

For more information please contact

Mr. Negesso Wakeyo, email:

Mr. Obang Metho, email:

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