3 July 2014 Bassam Al-Khameri (author)

Tsegie’s Ginbot-7 is classed as a ‘terrorist group’ by Ethiopia’s government.

Tsegie’s Ginbot-7 is classed as a ‘terrorist group’ by Ethiopia’s government.

SANA’A, July 2–The Ginbot-7 Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy, an outlawed political organization in Ethiopia, claimed on Monday that the movement’s secretary general Andargachew Tsegie has been detained in Yemen since June 23.

According to the organization’s website, Tsegie was arrested at Sana’a International Airport while in transit from Ethiopia to London. Tsegie is an Ethiopian with British citizenship.

The circumstances of his arrest remain unclear.

In a press release published on the official Ginbot-7 website on June 30, the movement said that it had tried for a week to release Tsegie, adding that it had asked the Yemeni government not to hand him over to the Ethiopian government. “We will retaliate in any way and at any place for any harm done to the body, spirit and life of Andargachew Tsegie,” the movement warned.

Khalid Sheikh, the director of Sana’a International Airport, denied any knowledge of Tsegie’s alleged detention.

The Yemen Times contacted the Ethiopian Embassy in Sana’a, which claims to have no information on Tsegie’s alleged arrest so far. The British Embassy could not be reached.

Ethiopian news website Awramba Times cited a senior Ethiopian official as saying “Yemeni authorities will definitely issue an extradition warrant and he will face justice based on the Ethio-Yemeni Security Pact (EYSP), which was signed in 1999 between the late Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and Yemeni’s former President Ali Abdallah Saleh.”

The website’s article did not give any further details of the arrest.

Ginbot-7 is a political movement that was founded by Dr. Berhanu Nega and that, according to its mission statement,  aims to establish a national political system in which political authority is gained through peaceful and democratic means.

The Ethiopian government listed Ginbot-7 as a “terrorist group” in June 2011. Tsegie allegedly survived an attempted assassination in November 2013 in Asmara that Ginbot-7 holds the Ethiopian regime responsible for.

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  1. Abegaz

    July 4, 2014 at 8:18 AM

    I can’t imagine the how incompetent G7 is. Who on earth will use Yemen as a transit point being a leader of a political party? What kind of mindset it is to hide the arrest of Andargachew? In what way this act of hiding helps his release? The best way to quickly release the information which will help pressurize the British government to stand on the side of its citizen. Not only that, if the news were disseminated ahead it will put the Ethiopian government on the spot light not to harm Andargachew. Now 11 days past, information release, we do not even know what woyane did to him.

    My heart is broken for Andargachew. He worked hard which we cherish all. Yet, he or his party made very foolish decision. This puts a lot of question on G7’s capability on security matters. As a layman I will never use Yemen or for that matter many Arab countries and countries like Sudan, kenya, South Sudan, Djibouti and Somalia for any flight in-transiting. A political party is supposed to make analysis of each country and act appropriately. Had Andargachew been captured or killed in war front I would not grief. The heart braking aspect of the news is that he was captured in a place where he should have avoided in the first place. Shame on Ginbot 7. Maferiawoch.

    Let us now gather and demand his release, pressure Britain to work for his release! This was a work G7 should have done from the very start. Shame! shame! shame!