Woyane row over graduation at Open University

14 August 2008 – Top military officers have joined other Woyane cadres in condemning secret deal over the graduation of some officials from Open University, EMF source said. The row started after a sudden announcement of the gradation ceremony of Woyane officials, which will be held today at Sheraton Addis.

Many opposed the ceremony because nobody knew the officials were taking PhD courses before. The ministers and officials have completed their lesson at Open University tacitly with public fund. Ministry of Youth and Sports, Aster Mammo and Junedin Saddo, Minister of Transport and Communication, are among the PhD graduates.

Meles Zenawi is involved at the escalating row over the secret deal his officials made with Open University, according to sources.

Open University is the UK’s distance learning university which does not take into account of students’ previous academic achievements for entry to undergraduate courses.

Meles Zenawi and scores of his uneducated cadres have benefited from the University’s deal of no-previous-academic-achievements, and have collected their diplomas (MA and PhD) from Open University.

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