Why we Ethiopians always pound water?

(By Moges) I have read in a number of articles about the so called “SHIMAGLES” who brokered the release of Kinijit leaders back in 2007.

As most of us remember, during the first honey moon of Woyane, on the their first transition meeting, a number of political organizations, most of them fabricated by Woyane over night and representative from Addis Ababa University “noted professor Asrat Woldeyes” attended that meeting. That meeting was black day for most of Ethiopians. It was the day that we learned about article 39 that allow Eritrea to secede and Ethiopia to be left without sea outlet. The late Professor Asrat was the only person who did not support article 39. He told the meeting that he was not delegated to give decidion on the fate of Ethiopia and promised to take the issue to Addis Ababa University community for discussion. It was not Meles who tried to tarnish celebrated name of Professor Asrat and Addis Ababa University, but Tesfaye Abisso. He claimed to be ashamed, and sorry for Addis Ababa University for producing a kind of person like Prof. Asrat. By that he managed to win Meles’s heart and was awarded a secretary position during transition period and later ambassador, we all know what happened to Professor Asrat.

I am sure most of you do remember that. Please watch this link below by Fekadesilassie about Professor Asrat. “Thanks Fekade. This is the only video I could get in the you tube


It was at this time; at the time of looming secession of Eretria, loosing port outlet, Disgracing respected and honored citizens that Professor Efrem Yishak was full of joy and overwhelmed to see Woyane take power irrespective of the fate of Ethiopia. He read a poem titled “ Ayne Tamir Aye”. “Kine Zerefe” to state the way he said it, if I remember correctly. His eyes have seen miracle. Land lock for Ethiopia didn’t matter to him. Ethnic politics didn’t matter to him. Hatred politics did’t matter to him. What mattered to him was the winning of Woyane and taking over power.

He has been with Woyane since day one and still is. After Woyane lost 2005 election and rigged, it circled and imprisoned all Kinijit Leaders, human right activists, journalists, you name it.

All Ethiopians inside and outside were outraged and showed their solidarity with the imprisoned leaders. Although, the western world do not care for Africans, Determination and dedication of Ethiopian in Diasporas could no let them sleep. Senators like Pyne also started to submit democracy and accountability act bills to House of Commons, Ethiopian scholars like Professor Alemayehu also pushed these bills to pass through various cascades, although none of it passed to be law and take effect.

That undoubtedly created panic on Woyane and apparently Professor Efrem. Professor Efrem has to try his last ditch to save Woyane from the crises it is in and alleviate international pressure. If I remember correctly he openly opposed accountability act bills. That clearly shows the bond between him and Woyane. To my understanding, why Prof. Efrem jumped into Shimglina is not to save the prisoners, but it was to save Woyane. He knew that prisoners will be free anyway as a result of hero and determined Ethiopians and Ethiopian friends. He then was given a mission by Meles and “brokered a deal with Woyane” as he says to get the prisoners released and sprayed water to the international pressure and accomplished his mission. Whether he was involved or not, the release of prisoners was inevitable, possibly with better conditions. After spilling water to the fire he let Woyane take it from there. Accordingly, Woyane started acting swiftly to dismantle and kill all peaceful political process.

I wouldn’t be surprise if Efrem keeps quite now when Birtukan is taken to jail, I know when international pressure picks up, he will sob and run like a dog to rescue Meles. Not Birtukan for sure.

Efrem also cheated and used other member of shimagle, like Haile G/Silassie. As we all know Meles is not a fan of heroes like Haile, Once in an interview, when he was asked what he thinks of Haile, what he said was, “I could tell you what she did had you ask me about Chachi”. For Meles, to invest and generate employment opportunity is not contribution. For him cash handout to Woyane is the only credible did. So Haile had no role, I believe.

The other wing of Woyane, in the name of Shimagle cheated us again. We regret that happened but I urge all Ethiopian to learn from it and move on. I personally advise to forget Efrem, not even mention his name until time comes to hold him accountable.

Now let us take the case in our hands and do it our way to get all prisoners released and nature given human right be respected in our beloved country.

God bless Ethiopia

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