Who were they then? Who are they now? By Gebre Medhin Arara

Translated by Yinegal Belachew, Ethiopia

Note from the translator (‘the hyena’s belly?’):

It‟s good to hear something from the horse‟s mouth. This vitally important piece of my fellow Ethiopian, Gebre Medhin Araya, was written in Amharic and posted on some Ethiopian opposition websites. This article is all  about the enocidal nature of TPLF, Tigrian People‟s Liberation Front. The translation of this article is all about exposing the satanic behavior of this mafia before the English speaking Ethiopians, and, needless to go to that sensitive istorical section, of course, if they wish before the “International Community” whose intrinsic interest seems to be all about happily observing an ethnic cleansing, especially of the ill-fated Amharas in Ethiopia. This hero, one of my Tigrian gods, a man who liberated himself from mundane ethnocentric and sanguineous fetters, had been one among the „Founding Fathers‟ of TPLF and well knows the purpose of the establishment of this historically anti-Ethiopian and anti-Amhara group of amoral creatures. But as soon as he came to realize that the majority of the people in the leadership of TPLF were anti-Ethiopians, he left the group and united his efforts with Ethiopian forces to save the nation from the threat these crooked citizens posed. Now he is abroad trying his level best to salvage his nation from these historic enemies. The registration and documentation section of Ethiopia will remember him forever. The original title of this Amharic article was “እነማን ነበሩ? አሁንስ ማን ናቸው?”.

Read story in PDF.

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