What is in a name and a star? Revolutionary leaders of Ethiopia

By Wolde Tewolde

January 13, 2014

For many years now, I have been enamored with the letter B and the number 13 for in them laid the revolutionary solutions for all the ills of Ethiopians but not of Ethiopia. Ethiopia was and is a perfect place in the eyes of men and for the creator and defender Egziabher (head of nations). There was no need for change or adjustment in Ethiopia’s location and creation. It was perfected to Balance Nature. N=14, the fourteenth letter of the alphabet.

Why did the Ethiopians want to Revolutionize Ethiopia then, one might ask? The answer lies in each of our mind, heart and body, collectively or singularly. I can not tell, ask yourself. I see a lot of Ethiopians negate the Revolution. I believe there are plenty of positive aspects to the Ethiopian Revolution, work, respect and faith.

On my part, I had some indicators why Ethiopians behave and act. It is embedded not only in names and but also in the stars. Our given names were supposed to lead us in our thoughts, our behavior and our actions. Names are our guidance for cooperating with others and perhaps pinpoint out our passion to the outside world.

My articles of “Call me by my name” were meant to entertain these thoughts and passions. So far, I have no clue whether they have been useful to the Ethiopian individuals.

In this article, as we need to move forward in 20-14, a month of Abune Aregawi (AA) i.e. the young and the old at the same time… Most names in the northern parts of Ethiopia and Eritrea have names beginning with the first letter of A, including Addis Ababa. And so perhaps we need to go back to the original sins of Ethiopians not of the country known as Ethiopia…

Those who were deeply involved to Revolutionize Ethiopia and Ethiopians should be examined against the background of their names be it by their religious leaders or by their members of their family.

In the order of importance of their contribution to the revolutionary destruction or construction of Ethiopia, the following persons are/were responsible

1. Menghistu Haile Mariam (MHM))
2. Berhane Meskel Redda (BMR) and
3. Haile Fida (HF)

Who can tell us how these revolutionary leaders adopt their names or were given to? Let us be open to decipher their names against their stars as it will lead us to Enlighten of our past Revolutionary histories.

In the Latin alphabet, Menghistu Haile Mariam (MHM) is readable in the ABUGIDA letters as ጠዘጠ.
In Berhane Meskel Redda case, it is equivalent to BR (ብር).
I know Berhane has added Meskel later on perhaps as a middle name.

In Haile Fida’s situation, there is no middle name but it is equivalent to HF = ዘፍ the key is in the F, it should come after E. Haile came way ahead of his time. This should be his time, the sixth sense or his star. F is equal to the 6th letter of the alphabet. Haile is power and Fida is access…

Speaking of stars, I may be wrong but in my preliminary analysis, MHM had aspired to be a Gondare – the body of Ethiopia. BMR aspired to be Asmarino instead of Agame – the heart of Ethiopia. Haile Fida did not want to be a Gurage – the brain of Ethiopia. So it is all about the body, the heart and the mind. Herein lie the true essence of the Ethiopian Revolution.

It is on this basis that the masses of Ethiopians have been deprived of their passion of Labor (hard work) as in the Gurages; Religion (faith) as in the Agames and History (cultural) as in the Gondares.

This is only a thought not a sermon or truth. It is my personal opinion justified by my lifelong observations. The debate and discussion can go on without censorship.

Bye, bye to the B=13; welcome to 2014, the revisiting of the Ethiopian Revolution of Abune Aregawi (AA); or Aregawi Berhe (AB) or N=14.

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