We all Deserve to be Told the Truth (on ESFNA)

ESFNA Held its 31st Tournament at FIFA Legalized Field

We all Deserve to be Told the Truth
This article may not matter for president Tesfaye and company as the rest of the articles I shared with the federation did not matter to them. However, I opted to write because he made it clear in his PC that he is not persuadable and not suggestible. To block change how the federation is run, he denied its problems on camera because he wanted to keep it going his own way – which is non-transparent and non-accountable. He vividly proved that no one would challenge his outright self-serving fish stories, including ESAT. He lied through his teeth with a straight face on tape while sited next to national heroes such as Capitan Dinka, which was unacceptable and offensive to those who have feelings of pride in their heroes. He also successfully continued to tell self-serving lies despite the facts right in front of us. In the PC, he told us that the 31st tournament was held at a FIFA legalized field. On Addis Dimts radio, he told us last year that he was one of the founders of the federation.
With great interest, I watched on ESAT the press conference Tesfaye gave. I analyzed some of his claims and assigned truth-values to them. I measured the truth-values of his claims on the Liar-O-Meter – which I created based on an idea I borrowed from PolitiFact and ruled on them: Partially-Lies, Mostly-Lies or Pants-on-fire. Read the rest on PDF

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