VIDEO : Father Burns Himself after kills his Daughter Danait Kidane

VIDEO: Father Kills Daughter Danait Kidane and Burns Himself

CORPUS CHRISTI – A young woman is dead and cops say it was her own father who killed her. But it didn’t end there, police say after leaving the scene he lit himself on fire inside his car.

The medical examiner released the name of that woman. She’s 23-year old Danait Kidane.
Investigator continue to piece together what could have triggered a father,their main suspect,to fatally stab his daughter then later lighting himself on fire inside his car.

Police arrived at the home on Ransom Island Drive just after 7 p.m. Monday night initially called out for an accident. But what they found was Kidane inside the home stabbed multiple times. Police say Kidane’s father took off. His car later found in the Wal-Mart parking lot off Greenwood in flames and just a spaces away from Nancy Ramirez.

“I mean we are not too far from it as you can see. Our vehicle is right here and that vehicle was parked right there. And all we heard was a loud pop sound,” says Ramirez.


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