VIDEO: Ethiopian Maid caught on camera trying to attack employer

By Staff – Published Monday, September 30, 2013

An old Saudi woman saved her life by locking herself in her bedroom when she saw her housemaid carrying a cleaver and searching the house with an apparent intent to kill her following an argument earlier.

A YouTube film published in local newspapers showed the maid, an Ethiopian, hiding the cleaver behind her back as she searched for her employer.

When she found the bedroom was locked, she returned to her room on the upper floor.

“The Saudi woman phoned the police who rushed to the area and arrested the maid. She confessed to having planned to attack the woman with a cleaver she was hiding behind her back,” a police source said.

Police have reported several attacks by Ethiopian domestic workers against their employers in the Gulf Kingdom over the past year.

The attacks by sharp objects have resulted in many deaths and injuries.

Thief asks man for water then steals his car

A Saudi man inspecting his farm in a remote desert area was interrupted by another man looking tired and asking for water to quench his thirst.

Feeling sorry for the man, the farmer gave him water and told him he was going to check the rest of his sheep, leaving his car near the gate with its key in.

“Once I turned my back, the man no longer looked tired…he ran very fast, jumped into my car and drove away,” Abdul Mohsen Al Anzi said, quoted by Sabq daily.

“I rushed to my neighbor and borrowed his car. I phoned the police and chased the thief. Police patrols arrived and an hour later, they arrested the thief,” he told the paper at his far outside the capital Riyadh.

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One Response to VIDEO: Ethiopian Maid caught on camera trying to attack employer

  1. Lemma

    October 10, 2013 at 7:05 AM

    I can’t believe this story. May be she has been set up. The old woman may be told her to bring the cleaver and locked herself in the bedroom as if she is trying to kill her. How does she know in advance that she planned to kill her? The maid also knows there is a camera in the house. She has been forced to confess by Saudi Police as usual. When does it end our sisters suffering in this Gehanem land?