Unless we are dead ( Henoke Yeshetlla and Dawit Beyene)

Peace up on you my fellow Ethiopians! Salutations are normal even in the midst of war. some times salutations showing me that word is more than human himself. In the reign of chaos we said “Selam”, it’s one of the basic substances to live by; now we are living in the darkest part of our history but we hope we will have peace but for that hope we have to pass through this melancholic time knowingly and with understanding of tear and smiles; for me i don’t want smile or tears without  understanding of their sources, it may be the “tragic sense of life”. Today with our political paradoxes and fates of our nation the word of one man come to my mind ,before 238 years this English-born immigré voiced out this immortal words to the people of the then chaotic “country” (the now usa) “These are the times that try men’s souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. If we fear to be like Moses at least let’s dare to be this wonderful man Thomas Paine. He was not a prophet like Moses but he had the same voice which has driven Moses from the Palace out! If we fear to be Christ, at least let us dare to be Paine, for he voiced out courage in the grim of face of death, if we fear to be Minilik, Tewodros, Belay Zeleke, Geresu Duke, let us at least be him, for he has given us the words of wisdom, hope in this trial times of ours…it is only through conquering our fear that we can start ending our tyranny!

Unless we are dead (spiritual death),we care; that’s why we are moaning with our pens. If our hearts are not deaf and blind we feel humans miseries as our owns. But we, humans, are we really the wrong creatures? No! But we are the ones who habitués with our mishaps. Let’s fight tribalism, fanaticism, the spirit of weyanes, their parrots and boko harams not only in nigeria but in Ambo, Alamaya, Addis and all over the world. Let’s  fight their ignorance and arrogance. One of the world worst marriage is a marriage between ignorance and arrogance , we saw the feast of this marriage in the hearts of tribalists and the God-haters pseudo  religious people. let’s fight their ignorance and let that be  our redemption! A drop of blood can flow  for years if spilled for good reasons else dry out like a lake next to a volcanic vent! Courage is a mother of victory, one who knows how to fight also know how to restore peace! But one who fights only to serve his anger, will finally be consumed by his own victory. Let our struggle be with those who knows  not what humanity is,  not with those who are in the darkness and yet sees light through vengeance! United, we win and divided…we remain as we are: a slave to the tribalist  and a laughable stock for the outsiders!!!

Henoke and Dawit B

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One Response to Unless we are dead ( Henoke Yeshetlla and Dawit Beyene)

  1. የኔ ሲም+ያረድ+ነው

    June 13, 2014 at 11:47 AM

    ሀኖክ ና ዳዊት ትክክል ብላችሁል. ሲለ ወያኒ ቲፕልፍ ምን ያሊተባለ አለ.ትፕልፍን ለምታል ሊመና ዪብቃን.አቲለማመቱት. የሞሶሎኒ በተሰቦችን ለሚን እኒተዪካለን.እልቂየ የቲግረ መንጊስ ከ እትሂኦፒያዊያን ዲጋፍ እንዳዪደረግ ማሲተማሪና መቀስቀስ ነው.. የሚገባን.ለላው የቲግራዪ መሪዎችህ በውስኪ ጉበታቸው አልቁአል,ሳንባቸው መተንፍስ አቅቶታል.የምንም አመራር አላቸው.ሰራዊቱን ለወያነ እንድዪውጋ የተለያየ ትምህርት ኢንፎርም መደረግ አለበት.ሰርስዊቱ እንዲከዳ.ወያነ ለ እትሂዮያ ህዝብ እንዳልቆመ መነገር አለበት.ሰርስዊቱን በወያነ እንዳዪመካ ውያነ ለባሪነት እንዳዪተከሚበት ለሰስዊቱ መነገር አለበት..