UDJP is gearing up for the General Assembly

picture-383.jpgUDJP Update – April 21, 2008 –Democratic institutions can be built only with the active participation of the People. The former CUD now Unity for Democracy and Justice Party has continued its effort to mobilize Ethiopians and present itself as a strong, broad based, inclusive and democratic organization.

The UDJ executive committee formed three committees: the signature collection and General Assembly preparation committee, the Public Relations committee and the Legal Document preparations committee.

Though the required number of signatures is only 1500, the UDJ managed to collect 4 to 5 times more than expected. All over the regions, Ethiopians are organized and expected to send representatives for the UDJ General Assembly which will be taking place in the near future. The Kinijit North America has been also informed that preparation for the General Assembly is 80% completed.

Though the EPRDF controlled public media has been inaccessible for UDJ officials, the Public Relations Committee has been effectively and regularly giving interviews to local non-government newspapers and international radios (VOA, DW) to explain and inform the public that the old CUD is now UDJ. From information we gather from all regions, Ethiopians have adjusted to the new name, are well informed of the circumstances of the name change and look forward to continue the struggle for democracy and national unity under the leadership of the UDJ.

The third and equally important committee that has been working on legal documents consists of lawyers, sociologists, political scientists and former labor group activists. A memorandum of Association was prepared. The by-laws and Political Programs of the old CUD have been amended in such a way that the core and basic principles of the CUD/UDJ manifesto are preserved. The focus was mainly on closing few loop holes and clarifying some minor ambiguities.

On Saturday April 19 2008 , more than 100 UDJ officials, prominent academicians, and experts, held intensive meetings to study and analyze the prepared documents. The UDJ solicited comments and advises from independently organized groups for the UDJ believes in the activism and full participation of the public in the political process. Since it is also part of the People, the Diaspora Ethiopians will have also the chance to give comments on the prepared document through their respective CUD/UDJ support groups.

Once finalized all documents of the UDJ shall be made available online, for the UDJ believes in transparency and the right of Ethiopians to know the ?ins and outs? of any democratic political organization.Highly encouraged by multifaceted progress of the UDJ within Ethiopia , the Kinijit North America shall continue doubling its current effort and dedication for the Ethiopian National Unity and the establishment of democracy. The Kinijit North America believes it is time to shy away from the old divisive and unhealthy politics of personal attacks and focus more on result oriented actions that bring our people together. It is time to talk less and do more; close the door on despair and defeatism and embrace hope and the ?I can do attitudes?

Thought the task ahead may be difficult, together, we shall prevail. The Spirit of Kinijit which is now embodied in the UJD shall prevail.

The moto for this year chosen to be “MEBTE YETESATFONA YE TEGEL WETET NEWE”.

Kinijit North America Association of Support Organizations.

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