Traitor Zenawi : “truly missed friend” of Susan Rice By Robele Ababya

Ambassador Susan E. Rice, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, at a Memorial Service for Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi at Abyssinian Baptist Church in New York held on October 27, 2012 exalted the tyrant saying “First and foremost, the Meles I knew was profoundly human and down to earth. He was a devoted father and husband, a faithful friend, and proud leader of an ever proud people. Vide: “Ambassador Susan Rice’s speech at a memorial service for the late PM Meles Zenawi by US Mission to the UN  dated 28 October 2012 posted on Ethiomedia website.

This accolade by the Ambassador is a glowing tribute to a traitor and genocidal leader whose heinous crimes and gross human rights violations are well recorded by the Human Rights Watch International, Amnesty International, and the US Department of State itself among other entities in our global village. The Ambassador’s remark added insult to the injury inflicted on the Ethiopian people by her official eulogy in Addis Ababa glorifying the tyrant at his funeral services.

My comment: The reference to the tyrant that “he was a devoted father and husband” should have been left to his wife and children for they are the best judge. It seems more like a defense by the Ambassador against the barrage of criticism of her eulogy at the funeral services that led to suspicion of her intimate relationship with the tyrant. The picture below is surely suggestive of two love birds in a relationship beyond Platonic feeling. It is human to fall for each other but the only thing bizarre is for two senior political leaders of their respective countries, one of them the head of the Ethiopian government and the other the US Ambassador to the United Nations, being seen in such a setting far exceeding the bounds of diplomatic protocol.

Furthermore the Ambassador unabashedly extolled the tyrant stating that: She was privileged to travel to Addis Ababa to join tens of thousands of fellow mourners as we paid our respects to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and his family and laid him to rest in the sacred soil of his beloved Ethiopia; he worked tirelessly, always inclined to assume the bulk of any burden himself. And thoroughly committed to his work on behalf of Ethiopia; Meles helped build the African Union. He sent peacekeepers to the world’s hottest spots and countered terrorists such as al-Shabab who target the innocent; Meles was respectful of his partners, disarming in his dedication, and thoroughly committed to his work on behalf of Ethiopia; Above all, Meles believed in Ethiopia and the potential of its people; he laid the foundations for Ethiopia’s sustainable development. He gave new momentum to Africa’s struggle to address climate change. He spurred his nation to double its food production and redouble its commitment to forestall another famine that could snuff out so many innocent lives. He played mid-wife to the birth of South Sudan and worked energetically to help South Sudan and Sudan resolve their differences peacefully.

My comment: In her above eulogy the Ambassador stands accused for overlooking the following heinous crimes and treason of her friend:

  • The tyrant desecrated the Ethiopian flag from day one of his arrival in Addis Ababa and instigated the demolition of the monument of Emperor Menilik II – the victor of the famous Battle of Adwa that became the beacon of hope for all black people in the Diaspora including distant ancestors of Ambassador Rice that were struggling for freedom.
  • The tyrant finally died leaving us with the legacy of: sellout of Ethiopia’s vital national interests such as active support for the separation of Eritrea; grisly heinous crimes including genocide, victims of torture, incarceration of peaceful protesters en masse; extra judiciary execution of peaceful protesters; agonizing memory of wailing of mothers; scar or memory of agony of bereaved families; filthy jails in which hundreds of political prisoners are cruelly kept; toiling peasants in serfdom; interethnic hatred; inherently explosive ethnicity-based federalism; rubber stamp parliament; bitter memory of daylight robbery of votes; pervasive corrupt practices; culture of pathological lies; demised free media; government monopoly of all pillars of democracy; blocked freedom of expression; poor educational standard; forbidden academic freedom in tertiary institutions; a land-locked country; fertile farmland ceded to the Sudan; leasing large chunks of fertile farmlands to unscrupulous foreign investors at tiny price; massive unemployment largely affecting the youth; demoralized youth addicted to psycho-thermal drugs; abject poverty; embezzlement of national treasure and donor fund; rampant breach of the constitution; regional instability et al.
  • For the Ambassador Rice to state that “Meles helped build the African Union” is a mother of contradictions in that he set a bad costly example to other African states of robbing votes and/or rigging elections and illegitimately staying in power by force – ridiculously with the connivance of Western power donors that knew of the TPLF-driven foul play or gross irregularities through the reports of their own election observers. Add to this the potentially explosive ethnicity-based federal structure that will be detrimental to the development of democracy on the African continent and a haven for Communist China to pursue its superpower ambition.
  • To give credit to the tyrant as having put Ethiopia on a sustainable development is a gross contradiction in terms given that peasants comprising 85% of the Ethiopian population living in serfdom; it is dishonest even more given that the double digit growth claimed by the repressive TPLF government is at variance by 50% with that given by the IMF and WB; it is dishonest in the face of the latest HDI for Ethiopia put as one of the lowest at 174; it is dishonest given that the literacy rate is 28% ranking Ethiopia as number 182 out of 184 countries as determined by the United Nations.  The literacy rate achieved during the Derg regime was 60% for which the regime won international award.


The undeserved eulogy to the despot lacked sensitivity to the: (1) feelings of the proud and patriotic Ethiopian people and would amount as disdain to their ancient civilization; (2) 193 Ethiopian martyrs executed in cold blood by security forces under the direct command of Zenawi in the aftermath of election 2005 and their bereaved families living in excruciating memory of their losses; (3) the tens of thousands of young Ethiopians incarcerated with their heads shaven with unsterilized blade in the aftermath of 2005 election at which the brutal ruling TPLF party was convincingly beaten.


Zenawi is a genocidal traitor to Ethiopians but dubbed a truly missed friend by Ambassador Rice.  What a shame!


Finally Ambassador Rice concluded her eulogy stating the position of her government as follows:-

  • Indeed, the U.S. is deeply committed to working with the people and government of Ethiopia in a partnership based on mutual interest and mutual respect. We will support Ethiopia through this transition as it builds accountable, democratic institutions, deepens its development gains, bolsters regional peace and security, and expands liberty and prosperity.
  • As everywhere, the U.S. will continue to encourage peaceful politics. We will promote unfettered debate and respect for universal human rights, including the freedom to say what you think, publish what you like, and associate with whomever you choose.
  •  Undoubtedly, the U.S. and Ethiopia will not always agree. But we will always engage openly and respectfully, in a spirit of friendship—as we did with our late friend.


The above stated position of the US government is good on paper but needs to be sincerely translated to a concrete action by putting effective pressure on the repressive TPLF regime. So far it has been squandering taxpayers’ money on creating a dictator monster, which Communist China embraced with open arms as a valued friend.



All in all it was a tragedy that befell Ethiopia bringing her to the precipice of catastrophe that will require divine guidance, visionary leadership and hard work in a democratic environment in order to rectify the gruesome legacy of tyrant Zenawi whom Ambassador Rice calls her friend she truly misses. In her lavish accolade conferred on the genocidal tyrant Zenawi the Ambassador glorified his reign of terror of the last 21 years – a mark of disrespect to millions killed, incarcerated, sent into exile, internally displaced or impoverished counting from the date of his unleashing guerrilla war as head of Marxist-Leninist League of Tigray (MLLT) . Ambassador Rice’s ‘truly missed’ was a communist dictator camouflaged in democratic garb in order to milk Western donors.


The Ambassador is right in saying that Zenawi “worked tirelessly, always inclined to assume the bulk of any burden himself”; but this was one of his worst legacies that had plunged the country in political turmoil and economic mismanagement; she is in part dead wrong in saying that “he was laid to rest in the sacred soil of his beloved Ethiopia” given that his dream was to dismantle Ethiopia and realize his pipedream of building  a ‘Greater Tigray’ on the ruins of our ancient country.


Ethiopia does not miss a Stalinist tyrant that dashed the hope of 2 -3 million Ethiopians that inundated the streets and public squares in support of the opposition forces at the mammoth peaceful demonstration on 08 May 2005, one week before the election of 15 May 2005 which ended in crushing humiliating defeat for the ruling TPLF Party.  There is no reason that the same kind of sea of humanity should not turnout again to defeat dictatorship and usher in political pluralism. With genuine change of mind and support of Western donors, the USA and UK in particular, the time is propitious to reclaim our freedom and human dignity. This must be done primarily by us Ethiopians by paying all the necessary sacrifices to achieve our sacred goal of liberating our beloved country, Ethiopia, in unison while respecting our cultural diversity.

I maintain once again those religious groups: Orthodox Tewahido Christians at 43.5 %; Muslims at 33.9% and; Protestants plus Catholics at 18.6 % amount to 96.0% of the Ethiopian population. The scared die-hard communists in the top leadership of TPLF hell bent on unconstitutional interference with religious affairs such as not allowing elections at Mosques. The same fate will come to other religions unless a united action is urgently taken to dislodge the TPLF communist top leaders from power through massive civil disobedience.

The Almighty God has done His part of dethroning Zenawi permanently; it is up to us the victims of his atrocities to rectify the rest of the evil legacies left behind by his permanent departure. There are Herculean tasks in waiting ahead of us to be carried out in earnest!

Finally I express my deep sympathy with the American people for the loss of precious lives and colossal damage to property caused by Hurricane Sandy.

I sincerely wish President Obama victory in his bid for a second term for the White House.  He deserves a second term for performing so well having inherited two wars, a broken economy and high unemployment rate. The anti-Al Qaeda alliance with dictators like Zenawi was not his fault.


Stop killing/arresting Ethiopian Muslims!

Release all political prisoners including Andualem Aragie, Eskinder Nega, and Reeyot Alemu et al

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