TPLF Spies at my Door

About four months ago, a friend at church pointed out a couple of individuals who are in attendance with and warned me to be careful around those two because they are suspected government (Ethiopian) spies. The individuals in question normally do not sit together or are rarely seen together. I did not attach too much importance to the information as I was not much of an anti-government activist, although I definitely do not like the current Ethiopian government for its constant lies and untrustworthiness. Inormally do my battle with prayers.

Fast forward to about five weeks ago. Suddenly, I started to notice Ethiopian looking individuals in cars parked close to the entrance to my residence. They sit in their car with the car motor running waiting for me to notice them and then they take off. So far four different individuals (three men and one female) have come to my residence and acted in similar manner. It puzzled me at first and then I remembered what my friend told me about the two individuals at church. The amazing thing about this spy wannabes, they look more frightened than I am. They are even scared of to see me directly in the eye.

They just want to be noticed. Fortunately, I have a security camera that video taped their every move, including their car license plate numbers. I have also taken still pictures.

Just recently, they started to show up at my work place as well. So far I have noticed two different individuals at work. Again my work is in a Federal government facility and it is videotaped 24/7 including the parking garage and surface lot so it is easy to obtain their pictures.

When this first started to happen, I started a journal detailing the identity of these individuals and kept a clean diary which I send to law enforcement officers.

The initial response I got was to call 911 when they show up. I find this not very helpful, although I noticed more police presence in my area both in undercover and police cruises.

I then started to browse Ethiopian websites to see if anyone has the same experience as I have and stumble upon an Amharic article by a former TPLF operative describing the atrocities of the TPLF security from their days in the bush to now. This article was an eye opener to me and increased my resolve to fight back. To this end I have planned the following and ask my fellow Ethiopians to cooperate with me. Imagine the amount of money the government is spending to spy on millions of people all over the world. I am one individual and I have already documented six spies. Multiply that by millions and the cost could be staggering. Even developed countries cannot afford that kind of expenditure. Here is what I plan to do:

1. Write to State Department and Department of Justice and demand what kind protection will I have from TPLF thugs. I have been a citizen of this country for
more than TPLF has been in power. Each one of you can do the same by sending
letters to your respective governmental agencies where you live.

2. Start an online petition asking my government to stop TPLF gangs from spying on me. I kindly ask each one of you to sign the petition when you get it. I also kindly ask for anyone to show me how to start an online petition (I can be reached by email at

3. Financially contribute to Radio programs that transmit to Ethiopia.

4. Continue to pray for the well being of the people of Ethiopia. Also pray for the government of Ethiopia so that they get the wisdom to govern the country with justice and fairness. If anyone is interested to form a prayer group, please contact me at the above email.

I read an article in one of the daily newspapers here about an American citizen of Syrian decent who was found spying the activities American Syrians for the Assad government and United states protested in the strongest terms. If we are united in our struggle we will get a swift answer from the authorities.

God Bless

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