TPLF army chief-of-staff gen. Samora Yenus is dying

By Getahune Bekele (indepthafrica)

A poor peasant and a primary school dropout, who was described by senior political commentator as cold blooded murderer with thinking and reasoning capacity of a dinosaur, Gen Samora is dying…

According to a sensitive document leaked to the Horn Times from Bella military referral hospital in Addis Ababa, the frail TPLF army chief-of-staff and top November criminal, the dastardly Gen Samora Yenus Mohamedfereja, has less than a year to live.

And if he dies before being arrested and tried, Samora Yenus will be the fourth high profile TPLF war criminal to escape justice after the late fuehrer Meles Zenawi, former intelligence chief Kinfe G.medhin and after former army commander the late Gen Hayelom Araya, who was killed during gun fight over a prostitute in one of Addis Ababa’s brothels.

Diagnosed with HIV AIDS in 2006 and declared a habitual defaulter for not taking his medication regularly, the illiterate and lowbrow Samora has been receiving treatment consisted of strengthening the body’s natural defense, killing bacteria and battling infection at Essen university hospital in Germany.

However, despite the impoverished Ethiopia footing his massive medical bill including the purchase of an expensive drug called zidovudine, the bawling warlord has developed new strain known as extensively drug-resistant (XDR) tuberculosis, which resisted all 8 second line drugs.

The intercepted document further revealed that the murderous warlord is suffering from other scourges as well; diabetes mellitus and hypertension, which complicated the costly multi-system treatments. And currently, he is not responding well to available medications both at home and abroad.

Hence insiders said he has reached the end of his tether.

The man who visited heartrending terrors up on the peoples of Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea is finally succumbing to the terror of the AIDS pandemic.

Born to Muslim family who were eking out a hard-scrabble living from subsistence farming in poverty stricken town of Axume-Tigraye in 1955, the wanderer assassin never practiced Islam due to his secular job as TPLF killing machine for nearly 40 years.

Samora first gained notoriety in 1977 when he executed 6 TPLF combatants for miner sexual offences and barbaricly urinated on their corpuses.

Although holocausts of deaths from such nerve-racking terrors were common in an outdated organization like the TPLF, an equally notorious former commander of Bado-6 prisons (a network of underground cells strewn across Tigraye), who is now living in the US town of Ohio as fugitive, Bisrat Amare, once described the dying Samora “a Terror guru” after watching him commit various other atrocities.

But most Ethiopians will remember Samora Yenus for the bloodcurdling war crimes he committed during the 2005 nationwide anti-TPLF uprising.

The oaf teamed up with federal police boss Workeneh Gebeyehu and nonchalantly pulled off a victory for his fuehrer by using ambulances filled with obdurate Tigre hoodlum dressed as paramedics to penetrate the crowed and exterminate leaders and organizers of the peaceful demonstration.

Nevertheless, the biggest crime of all was the use of Bella military referral hospital as army and federal police headquarter, where nonplussed and wounded protesters brought in by “ambulances” were watched bleed to death.

“We have defeated our enemy and straighten the path for Tigre People Liberation Front, TPLF, to rule until the second coming of Jesus Christ.” The unrepentant Samora said in 2007 after the late Zenawi gave him a comparative reward by promoting him to the rank of a General.

Furthermore, well placed sources inside the TPLF camp told the Horn Times that Samora used the promotion to amass wealth through corrupt practices and now he is the sole owner of a multi-million dollar shopping complex built in Addis Ababa’s Gofa Sefer district, next to St Gabriel orthodox church.

“I recently visited his glittering bronze statue which is placed at the prestigious Bete Mezeker library in Addis Ababa. Samora is well prepared for life after death.” A political analyst who requested anonymity said.


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2 Responses to TPLF army chief-of-staff gen. Samora Yenus is dying

  1. Tekue

    December 29, 2012 at 3:11 AM

    This is really childlike information justify

  2. elsabeth

    January 1, 2013 at 1:15 AM

    You may think that we will believe whatever you say. But do not forget that there are people – I am assuming the majority of those who read your piece – who know why you come up with stories that have no basis in realty. By the way, I really do not care whether Samora is dead or not.I and you may not agree with what he stood for, but we can agree that he did fight for what he believed in all the same. I commend him for fighting against the Derg government. And did I mention that he led the Ethiopian army during the Ethio-Eritrean war? I hope you get the point.
    Now you are hoping that he be dead. So what if he dies? All of us will die sooner or later. Anyway,
    I would appreciate it if you could get your facts right. Your piece is full of factual errors – and to be blunt with you – you made the facts up to make a point. I sometimes wonder what the future of the country will be in the unlikely scenario that people like you are in power. Simply put, you are trying to spew the venom of your hatred for Tigray and anything Tigrian. Stop telling us that you love Ethiopia. May I tell you that for people like you Ethiopia is what you feel it should be and not what it actually is. Your kind of mentality is behind us. You may as well pass away before the guy you are telling us about will.
    Have a good day!!