TPLF – An incorrigible regime

By Petros Ashenafi – The wheels of people’s revolution are turning. The events in Cairo, Tunis and the current Libyan scenes continue to bear testimony to the power of a common cause among a suppressed and oppressed people. It remains to be seen how the TPLF and indeed the Meles regime will see the ‘writing’ on the wall.

Dictators will try by any means to hang on and maintain their power grip regardless of the untold suffering to the ordinary citizenry. The Meles regime unsurprisingly remains aloof and defiant despite the continued polarization of the Ethiopian political and social environment as a direct result of its acts of commissions and omissions.

An increase in violence, intimidation of ordinary citizens and arrests of opposition members across Ethiopia is clearly an attempt to stifle any voices of dissent in the hope that the world will focus elsewhere while the Meles regime maintains their iron grip.

Throughout history, Dictators with their rogue regimes almost always fail to reform and change course-they characteristically wallow in self aggrandizement and delusional thinking that only their political will and leadership must be exercised and any such opposition must be silenced if not crushed. Col Gaddafi in this self belief went to the extent of even writing ‘The Green Book’ all in a thin veiled quest for some grandiose charismatic stamp on the politics of Libya. TPLF and Meles continue to believe that the entire nation state of Ethiopia cannot but survive without TPLF.

Clearly the Meles and TPLF regime, just like all the dictators, are more than happy to drag the whole country down with their inevitable demise. The Ben-Ali and Mubarak regimes had continued to take their citizens for granted almost appropriating the nation’s resources as if it was their family fiefdom, Gaddafi and his regime as does the Meles regime continue to bury their heads in sand denying any opportunity for new political ideas and or leadership for their respective citizens.

While the Meles regime conveniently forgets that it’s the very same masses that were instrumental in bringing about political change from a rogue regime way back then. TPLF and the Meles regime continue to wallow in the fallacy that these very same masses will not rise against such misrule. In 2005 during the election, Ethiopia’s masses gave a hint to TPLF and the Meles regime a clear message that true to a common cause- people will sure rise regardless of any such threats and or realities of police brutality. While it sounds acceptable to over patronize ordinary Ethiopians and describe them as ‘peace-loving’, it is worth remembering that any human being regardless of nationality, religion or race, when suppressed, oppressed and cornered will act to defend their livelihoods by any means necessary. A quick glance at world history and more specifically that of the Ethiopia’s political evolution is there for all to note.

Treasonous charges continue to be made against any notable opposition figures by the Meles regime in an attempt to quell the freedoms of Ethiopia’s citizens, violence and intimidation is being meted out on the streets by TPLF militias and state security agents against opposition members. Opposition officials have to watch over their shoulders while attempting to perform their day-to-day democratic mandates. It doesn’t come as a surprise that to date opposition members and its senior officials are being dragged to courts at such a massive and biased rate and yet no single such actions are being witnessed among TPLF leading violence instigators (militias, legislators and security agents alike).

TPLF and the Meles regime has had over two decades to show an inclination towards some political rectitude but as is with dictatorships, the status quo is always the preferred way and change is never a natural process but one requiring a radical shift from the conventional ways.

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