Tigreans are expressing anger over new directive

MekeleEMF (24 May 2009) – Ethiopia’s ethnic Tigrians are expressing their anger on the new directive that allows Eritreans to reclaim property, who were expelled from Ethiopia after the two-year border war that broke out in1998, a report coming from Mekele reveals.

Meles Zenawi’s regime has approved last week a new bill that will allow Eritreans who were expelled from Ethiopia, to reclaim their property, to work in Ethiopia, to withdraw their money from the banks, and to involve themselves in trade and commerce as local investors, according to Minister of Communications Affairs Office, Ermias Leggesse.

“Political power in Ethiopia is under few individuals who claim to be Tigrean.” says a Tigreans who wants to remain anonymous for fear of persecutions. “These individuals have stolen the noble cause of the struggle for which our Tigrian brothers and sisters fought.” he added.

According to sources, the majority of Ethnic Tigrean believes that the ruling TPLF is dead, and replaced by two person of Eritrean origin; namely Meles Zenawi and Bereket Simon.

The Tigreans also believe that they are the major victims of the border war that claims tens of thousands of lives and properties of the nation.

The Ethio-Eritrean border war was also the cause for the TPLF split, sending hard-line TPLF advocates, including Siye Abraha and Gebru Asrat off the ground.

The recent directive favors deportees. Eritreans who have debts will only be required to pay the amount of money they owe and no fines will be applied on them.

Analysts say, by doing so, Meles Zenawi is trying to ease the threats and tensions coming from Eritrea, amid the socio-political and economic crisis the country is facing, at the cost of loosing  the single constituency and support he has.

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