This is how bad the situation is!

A mother washes her malnourished child outside the Medicine Sans Frontieres facility near Sheshemene, southern Ethiopia, June 8, 2008. Some 4.5 million Ethiopians need emergency food aid due to failed rains and high food prices, reviving grim memories of the country’s 1984-1985 famine, which killed more than 1 million. Picture taken June 8, 2008. (by Alemayehu).

Meles Zenawi’s dictatorship in Ethiopia is saying the food crisis news is exaggerated by foreign media. The regime is rather busy bolstering its defense budget by $50-million (about 450 million birr) to brutalize and terrorize the Nation. Instead of providing food to the starving children, Ethiopia’s irresponsible regime handed out 100,000 flags to it’s Defense and 500,000 flags to the so called Millennium Festival, according to Walta.

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