There Should Be No Election In Ethiopia

Joe Michael — The planned 2010 Ethiopian general election has been primed to be won by the TPLF and its faithful servants that are crowned in the name of EPRDF. Apparently, it is not going to be through an election that will be based on the rule of law, but through repression and deception.

The main opposition leader has been unlawfully incarcerated and her political party’s offices throughout the country have been closed. Her supporters are getting abused and facing uncountable intimidation. Other opposition candidates are also banned from campaigning and assembling. The only political parties that are allowed to assemble and campaign are TPLF/EPRDF and a confused loyal opposition led by the opportunist Ledetu Ayalew. The rest of the Ethiopian people have been deprived of their constitutional rights. They have been told not to assemble or protest against the TPLF/EPRDF offensive actions by no means, even through legal demonstrations.

It is pretty much clear that TPLF/EPRDF will race the election by itself and will blatantly claim a victory. The bottom line is, since the prediction is a fact that TPLF/EPRDF made it self the only contestant and winner of the upcoming election, then why does Ethiopia need to hold an election? Why does it has to throw away money or waste time for a phony election?

As far as the international community, there is no need to try to impress them through a one party election. They are all aware of the truth. You can’t run an election by yourself and claim that you have won. Even if you want to impress outsiders with a bogus democracy you still have to have an opponent on the ballot box. You can’t keep your oppositions in jail and call it an election.

As far as the fake oppositions like Ledetu Ayalew, he was just one unemployed Ethiopian who wanted to take advantage of the political opportunity. He has no effect on the democracy process than taking care of himself. If he gets a job opportunity overseas like the Aiga Forum boys, I bet he will never return back to the country.

Let the real opposition leader be freed now, or let there be no phony election.

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