There Is No EPRDF, There Is Only TPLF

Joe Michael — Ethiopians don’t require anymore testimony to know what Ethiopian People Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) is and what it is really standing for. No one is interested to any further extent to be clued-up about EPRDF. The reason is – there is no EPRDF in reality; there is only a Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF).

When TPLF came to power in 1991, its devious leaders promised to Ethiopians and to the Westerns who backed them during the war that they will form a political party and a government that comprises of all Ethiopians. They dreadfully condemned the Derg regime and vowed to create a new democratic system that treats all Ethiopians equally. Many pro-democracy devotees, including the Westerns believed the TPLF and gave it a chance to prove what it preached. Some freedom fighters even turned in their weapons and joined EPRDF not knowing that they were to be used as bondsmen by the TPLF power mongers.

It is now almost twenty years since TPLF claimed that it has formed an alliance political party that represents every ethnicity in the country. However, those TPLF leaders who came in as liberators two decades ago are still clinching the power not giving a chance to others at all. In fact they have created a domineering system in which they can manipulate the whole aspects of political and economical well being of the country. They have power over a constitution they have written and they can arrest any one who questions them. They control major businesses of the country and when they make economical policies they shape it to the best interest of their businesses not to the country.

There are several facts that can validate the veracity that there is indeed only TPLF. Here are some of the very vital questions Ethiopians have been asking and seeking to get CLEAR and DIRECT answers from TPLF leaders who have been bragging about EPRDF:

1-How come, almost after two decades, over 99% of key military positions are still held by TPLF members?

2-How come a TPLF leader has been ruling the country for almost 20 years and still unsure about giving a chance to other so called EPRDF members?

3-How come the billions of dollars worth political party’s businesses belong to only TPLF?

4-How come a political party involves in a multimillion dollar business against the country’s constitution?

5-How come TPLF by itself makes decisions in the name of EPRDF, including terminating, arresting, and torturing opposition members, business associates, and even EPRDF members?

6-How come TPLF is still a Liberation Front?

Observably, it has been very difficult to TPLF members and its EPRDF agents to give clear answers to these questions as there are no legitimate answers. Again, if there is indeed EPRDF, then what are the legitimate answers to these questions?

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