TPLF meeting in DC cancelled by protesters: VIDEO

EMF – 3:30 PM Pro democracy Ethiopians in Washington DC, at Howard university disrupted the Woyane meeting. Watch video by EthioTube.

Oppositions in conference hall played the key role to disrupt the meeting while others were protesting outside, chanting anti-Meles slogans. Hundreds of Policemen ware in the area. Most Woyane supporters were seen leaving the meeting hall. Ethiopians are still in the surrounding area and chanting; “Weta belew woyanen, weta belew!”

Police against protesters

American Police against Ethiopian protesters

4:00 PM the protest is getting out of control. The Police inspector promised to protesters to cancel the meeting. Woyane supporters afraid to go out and Police requested protesters to go one block away to give them “ye-mariam menged”.
4:05 PM : At last, one of the organizers, Dr. Kassa announced to protesters the meeting has been officially cancelled and Ethiopians go back one block away to Georgia avenue.
4:20 PM – Woyane supporters are leaving the meeting hall with disgrace.
4:30 PM – prominent Ethiopians and organizers are making speech at the rally.

4:35 PM – Finally… as the police inspector promised the meeting has been dispersed the meeting in DC.

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