The Second African Revolution

By Hundee Dhugaasaa |

The wonders of many historical facts, source of humanity and naturally gifted Africa was observed the lasted one and half century struggling one after the other with it’s never ending problem of Repression and the byproducts of the same curse mainly corruption, underdevelopment, civil conflict, lack of rule of Law and authoritarianism.

The European colonization had coasted Africans roughly one century of repression, looting and dehumanization. Sadly enough the subsequent years of freedom observed the last half a century could not bring any tangible change for the ordinary Africans and fail short of the Pan African dream. We are still paying our soul and blood to gain our freedom and development from our own African despots’. As a lot has been said about the crimes of European colonization of African, I would like to write about post independency era of repression and the current continental fire of African people’s commitment which is dismantling despotism, corruption, injustice and repression in north, south, west and east.

The revolution that eroded the European colonization after the 1960’s, is now back after almost half a century to wash away the deep rooted and domestic authoritarian rule of African dictators. To realize this dream of equality, rule of law, development and justice, the same heavy price is being paid by Africans from all walks of life. The lie of dictators and their propaganda of double digit growth and 100% approaching rigged election results could not cover the naked reality of the millions of citizens suffering in the same boarder the fantasy is being told. By creating conflict and unrest, and returning later as the peace makers is becoming very common for these dictators. As a result of this and other factors we are witnessed and witnessing the continued peoples movement in Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Angola, Uganda, Eritrea, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Congo, Gabon, Central African Republic, Cote d’ivoire, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and other states.
In many case fathers of independency became a curse to the blessing of the same independency and turned as chief of repression and chaos for the sake of their never ending ego and corrupted ambitions. They introduced the never ending division among their citizens and copied the ‘divide and rule policy’ of their colonial masters they were fighting for years. Many of the African nations have only one or two leaders in the post colonial eras. While the African leaders are enjoying the most extravagant super wealthy life even the Europeans can never dream of, the citizens continued to fight for their daily bread and in many case they are dying in millions.
While we still celebrate the spirit of Kwame Nkrumah, Julies Nyerere, Nelson Mandela and recently the courageous Ghanaian leader John Kufuor, who peacefully give up his presidency after a free and fair election; we remained in a fighting spirit from Mugabe in the south to Mubarak in the North, Laurent Gbagbo from the west to Meles Zenawi in the east of African States for their crimes against their own nations and a decades of repression, looting, injustice and their continued defiance to quit power they illegally kept for so long for their own benefit only.
Silence of the west for so long for the fear of losing the interest in a given state or geopolitical environments is firing back as dictatorship serves no one even the dictators. Many of them died before they even got the access to the resource they have accumulated. A politics lead by the principle of having a click and covering up the huge crime afterward should be replaced with a genuine common interest based states relationship based on freedom, democracy and rule of rule. It is quite courageous to hear the USA speaking out against hopeless Mubarak but we expect the same solidarity spirit for the fight against on the rest of well built dictators. It is very well understood that the fight and the sacrifice belongs to the people of Africa but it should be a shame hereafter to provide dictators the capital, intelligence and the technology capability to fight the same people they are intended to listen. Even if it is difficult to say all but it is possible to say that majority of popular revolts in Africa fell short of achieving their goals due to the imbalance of power created by the west. So the issue is that, these past errors should not be allowed to repeat themselves.
The other new phenomena is the greedy new emerging powers of Asia mainly China; who themselves are open communist but are giving their back to the community that are dying hard for their freedoms. It may be going too far to us as Africans to call for democracy in china but it is very logical to advise them not to play in our internal affairs for the sake of market. After all, sustainable market and development can be achieved only when the nations exist in a peaceful and free country. Any deal done by the repressive African nations with these powers meddling emerging power will be and should be null and void, as it was the case of these nations who made commitment with colonial powers. It will take some years but Africa will emerge successful and strong from the second revolution as it did with the first revolution against colonialism.
So it is a time for everybody; from western states to the eastern, south and the Middle East to think again and again before taking any deal with defiant African dictators for they will lose not only their intended interest but also future interest and more importantly their good names which can never be repaired so easily and so soon. It is good to think the golden rule which goes “What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others”.
The heavy price of human soul and blood paid to oust the Tunisian dictators and the ongoing battle, sacrifice and solidarity to unseat the 30 year old Mubarak, the shameless Laurent Gbagbo, the Brutal and racist Meles Zenawi, the outdated Robert Mugabe and other is a good beginning and points a bright future for the rest of African states suffering under the same if not the worst repression.
So Africa is in a revolution: The Second Revolution. Finally it is good to remember the fact that the power of justice, democracy and freedom is the winner.

Long live to the spirit of Freedom!!!
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