The Oromo Movement: The Effects Of State Terrorism and Globalization … Asafa Jalata (Prof.)

Assefa Jalata

Prof. Asafa Jalata

The Oromo movement is engaging in struggle to empower the Oromo people in order to restore their control on their economic resources such as land and cultural resources and to overcome the effects of Ethiopian state terrorism and globalization. The Oromo people were colonized and incorporated into Abyssinia, present Ethiopia, and the capitalist world system during the “Scramble for Africa” by the alliance of Ethiopian colonialism and European imperialism. This colonization involved terrorism and genocide in order to transfer Oromo economic resources, mainly land, through destroying Oromo leadership and the cultural foundation of the Oromo society. The Oromo resistance that started with the colonization of the Oromo was transformed into the anti-colonial movement in the 1960s and still continues in various forms. On their part, successive colonial Ethiopian governments have been using various forms of violence to destroy the Oromo struggle for national self-determination and democracy. Starting in 1992, the Tigrayan-led Ethiopian government has been imposing state terrorism, genocide, and political repression, with the assistance of big powers and international institutions on the Oromo, the largest ethno-national group, and other groups in order to destroy the Oromo national movement led by the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and to dominate the political economy of Oromia (the Oromo country) and Ethiopia in order to transfer economic resources, particularly land, to Tigrayan state elites and their domestic and international supporters. Read full story in PDF…

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3 Responses to The Oromo Movement: The Effects Of State Terrorism and Globalization … Asafa Jalata (Prof.)

  1. Nahusenay

    May 10, 2016 at 5:50 PM

    You are ignorant of Ethiopian historical & geopolitcs.Oromia is imaginary created by
    Weyane but the Oromos are Ethiopians that
    Lived the goods and bads with all other
    Ethnic sosiety. You’ll never succeed to
    Separate Oromos from great Ethiopia.

  2. Daniel

    May 12, 2016 at 5:25 PM

    asefa jaleta is an idiot. The galla/oromo since 1974 G.C. nomadic pastoralist invaded Ethiopia in the 16th century. “Oromia” was heard for the first time in 1991 G.C. when the jewish American cia/illumniati agent brought the three anti Ethiopia separatist bandit groups eplf/tplf/olf. asefa jaleta, you can write all types of garbage and lies that you want we the patriotic sons and daughters of Ethiopia will defend out mother land from a foreign agent and traitor like you.

  3. Endale

    May 16, 2016 at 3:23 AM

    I feel pity for such writers who portray the heroic Oromo people as pathetic victim of oppression. Such so called Oromo intellectuals’ defeatist attitude has made the people ever weaker and helpless. In all the previous regimes in Ethiopia, including that of Menelik II, the Oromo people was a potent and decisive history maker with the capacity to change the course its destiny. Never in Ethiopia history has the Oromo people become as weak thanks to the continuous propaganda of such intellectuals and the EPRDF regime.