The 18 years legacy of Meles Zenawi

Maso Aliyi mourns his dead child, Shibre Aliyi, at his home in the village of Kararo in Ethiopia on Thursday. Shibre had spent almost a month at a therapeutic feeding center. At least 75,000 Ethiopian children under age 5 at risk from malnutrition, according to the U.N.’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, which also asserts that some eight million people need urgent food relief and another 4.6 million need emergency assistance. According to a recent article on The Times, such misery in Ethiopia is a result of Zenawi’s misguided land policy. “Meles’s purblind refusal to reverse the Marxist folly of his 1995 law that put all land under state ownership.
(Stephen Morrison / EPA). Picture source: LA Times

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