Terror on The Blue Party of Ethiopia By Tedla Asfaw

Facebook_eth_picSaturday August 31, 2013 on the eve of the Blue Party called rally in Addis the Blue Party Head Office was attacked by Western financed and supported thugs of the Ethiopian brutal security forces  where more than one hundred members and supporters of the Blue Party was taken to  local prisons beaten up savagely according to Eng Yelekal Getenet the party president.

The regime security thugs unleashed similar beating on fellow Ethiopian Muslims on the Eid al-fiter Celebration this month. The regime believes such brutal beating of women, children, elderly and the young will deter people not to join any peaceful protest any where in Ethiopia.

The regime organized rally in Addis Ababa billed as a rally to fight “Extremists”  tomorrow is a rally to denounce the Ethiopian Muslims for their more than 18 months old struggle for religious freedom. Another target of this “No Food” if you do not come  rally is the Blue Party/Semayawi which is the first party in Ethiopia that stood with the Ethiopian Muslims by taking their call as its call for which it was denounced by Hailemariam Desalegne in public.

The Blue Party of Ethiopia leadership according to the interview Eng. Yelekal Getenet gave on ECADF paltalk  room today its  party head quarter is now under thugs control and he is not sure if they can ever assemble there.

The hundreds thousands supporters and members of the party we all saw three months ago in Addis should turn the regime rally in to opposition rallytomorrow. The Ethiopian Muslim activist had made it clear that they will be doing that.

The Blue Party leadership is not in any position to contact its supporters before tomorrow’s rally therefore it is up to activists to coordinate a successful counter rally.

“Talaku Rucha”, The Great Run in the past had been used by activists as a protest platform. We should not let the regime “Hode Ader” supporters to  endorse the regime killing, Jailing in thousands and beating of Ethiopian Muslims this month alone and  today  more than one hundred  Blue Party members and supporters.

Let Addis Ababeans come out in huge numbers and denounce the regime led by Hailemariam Desalegne for  its brutality and terror. The Extremist in Ethiopia is the regime itself. Peaceful opposition like the Blue Party if it is allowed to be destroyed by terror no other peaceful opposition will ever exist in Ethiopia.

Religious establishments who are bought by the regime should be condemned by all of us because they are  serving humanely “Gods” not the God of their books. Like fellow Ethiopian Muslims the Christians in Ethiopia should be courageous to say no to the religious cadres in their religious institutions.

The Blue Party/Semayawi of Ethiopia is the peoples party and no matter how many of its members and supporters are beaten up or jailed the struggle will continue until the unelected, corrupt and terrorist regime of Ethiopia is removed from power.

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5 Responses to Terror on The Blue Party of Ethiopia By Tedla Asfaw

  1. YMB

    September 1, 2013 at 9:52 AM

    This cruel regim has to be removed by any means possible. The regim is routten to the core. Down with Woyane.

  2. nesanet

    September 1, 2013 at 12:36 PM

    ayye tedela asfawe i think you like enginers you have been for enginer hailu before now to enginer yelkal .and now you are trying to tell ethiopians by your article that the weyane regime is lead by hayelemaria.what a jok.by the way do you really belive that semayawe party will free us from tigre/weyane tyranny or as your marxist/weyane cadre friend merchawe and weyane medias are trying to foul or jok on us that we need to wait until the so called enginer yelkalal party come and rescue us.we have already seen and know all this joke by lidetu ayalew and his cronies.please stop trying to tell us that this do nothing partys like semayawei who do not do any significant activity to challenge weyane except talking and begging for another dollar to free ethiopians.no body buy that forget about semayawei who most of us even do not know who this leadership is except weyane medias and undercover tplf paid thugs who day and night talk about semayawei party.

  3. nesanet

    September 1, 2013 at 12:50 PM

    the commedy between semayawe part and thier creater weyane is finshed by giving big media coverage to semayawe party .what a jok.

  4. tewodros

    September 1, 2013 at 2:01 PM

    This clearly show that peaceful protest, to the contrary of many people believe, never worked in Ethiopia to change the the behaviour of the government. Genbot 7 is born out of this frustrations. It is time to support Ginbot 7 now. There are many organisations and individuals who are contaminated by TPLF and become corrupt like them. All Ethiopians should boycott any products and services provided by TPLF and any TPLF contaminated organisations and individuals.

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