Tensions rise as Ogaden President dispatches delegation to the US

2nd January 2018

Jigjiga Mareeg– Thousands of Jidwaq people—one of the largest Somali clans in the Somali Regional State (SRS) of Ethiopia— have taken to the social media, with many calling for the removal of Somali-Ogaden regional President, Abdi Mohamoud Omar (Abdi Iley).

In mid-December, Jidwaq community held an anti-Abdi Iley meeting in Minneapolis in which they stated on Facebook live video that they are “demanding justice”, without elaborating.

Khadar Abdi, a local minister for Trade and Transportation among other officials are touring in the United States of America to put down Jidwaq uprising against Abdi Iley.

Meanwhile, the local regional administration stage-managed a pro-Abdi Iley Jidwaq clan meeting in the regional capital of Jigjiga, drastically escalating tensions between the local government and Jidwaq clan.

The local government warned that their families back home would suffer severe consequences if cooperating with Oromo people continued and have already forced Jidwaq elders to defend President Abdi Iley against their sons in the diaspora on air.

Jidwaq, also pronounced Jidwaaq, says that they are not cooperating with anyone against Abdi Iley and called on the Federal Government to intervene in.

“We would pursue our interests in the region, like any other clan and nobody can stop us holding an event like this,” said one of the organizers.

Abdi Iley administration waged a propaganda war against Jidwaq clan expats in the U.S by calling anti-Abdi Iley meeting organizers as ‘Magafayaal’, the name for insatiable traffickers, from whom there is no escaping.

Abdi Iley’s mother hails from Jidwaq but his main concern is that Jidwaq remains the most Pro-Ethiopian clan in the country since TPLF took over the central government in 1991, therefore he can’t Persuade the Federal government to label his Jidwaq opponents as “anti-Peace elements”.

Ogaden commentators say, Abdi Iley will likely ignite conflict between his Ogadeni clan and Jidwaq to gain their support.

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One Response to Tensions rise as Ogaden President dispatches delegation to the US

  1. Abdi Mula Reply

    January 7, 2018 at 12:01 PM

    This is a narrow tensions minded openion from US diaspora fellows has no room in the reality of truth concern about the Jidwaaq clan and others name that they used it for their personal foolish self interest. Jidwaaq clan has its respected traditional leaders. If it’s these few people from US complain to SRS administration why don’t they discuss through to their own traditional leaders and politicans as both regional level as well as federal level first? Secondly we knew them both organizers are hopeless and looking for only their benefits from creating violence and chaos between current administration and Jidwaaq clan as well as Ogaden clan. SRS with its ruling SODEPA party are all Ethiopian faithful Somalis willing to develope their people.
    Finally, I would like say them Please stop to disturbing our enoccent good citizens in Home with their good leadership Hon. Excellent Abdi Mohamud Omer!
    There is no room of Clanism in our new Ethiopian Somali ethnic here in Ethiopia.
    Abdi Mula

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