Tedy Afro sentenced to six years in prison

Teddy AfroEMF (5 December 2008) – The kangaroo federal high court passed six years prison sentence and additional fine of 18,000 ET. Birr against the pop star Tewdros Kassahun, (aka Tedi Afro) today, EMF source said. After the sentencing, Tedy requested the judge to say some thing in front of the court. Judge Leul G/Mariam angrily warned him saying, “Go out! I will, otherwise,  give you the maximum punishment.” People were heard shouting opposing the sentence.

According to EMF sources, thousands were gathered in front of the court.

The TPLF agazi force is deployed immediately.

Several supporters of Tedy Afro are reportedly arrested for expressing their anger.

Teddy Afro, our symbol of unity and tolerance (By Tedla Asfaw)

“Go out!!! otherwise, I will give you the maximum punishment”, the TPLF made theater stage director, Cadre Leul Gebre Mariam /Gebre Seitan screamed after sending Teddy Afro to six years to jail and pay 18,000 Birr as bonus for Gebre Seitan wonderful “Broadway” show that ended on this Black Friday, Dec. 5, 2008.

Let the celebration begun in TPLF’s camp for their successful show that culminated by sending Teddy Afro, the voice and symbol of Ethiopia to their dark cell hoping Ethiopians will forget him like they forgot many patriots Ethiopians before. However, this time is different. Teddy’s songs are now the rallying cry for Ethiopians and our young generations showed us the glimpse of what to come on last month Great Run, “Talaku Rucha” after paying 40 Birr to get a spot.

“Teddy Obama, Meles Asama/Hippo”, that was the rallying cry chanted by thousands on the streets of Addis Ababa. Political rally is a crime in Ethiopia and that is why the Great Run is billed as “Talaku Rucha, Bisote Megletchia” in Amharic meaning “The Great Run, platform to speak our minds”, and that is how young, old Ethiopians showed to the world what the so called trial of Teddy Afro has been all about for the last eight months, a sham circus and a conspiracy by those “Asamas”/hippos who are eating everything on their way including their loved singer, Teddy Afro.

Teddy Afro is now a martyr and a symbol of Ethiopia and the Ethiopian masses have to pray for him in churches and mosques. This young man’s song for tolerance among Ethiopian Christians and Muslims, nationalities not to fall to the trap of hate propaganda by the TPLF’s hippos for the last eighteen years was a remarkable achievement no prison can take it from us.

Locking Teddy in jail will not stop the resistance movement and those apologists who are telling us that TPLF is not enemy let them go and pray for the longevity of their king and queen. Queen Azeb Mesfin avenged the humiliation she received in America when she came for an “award” few years ago by orchestrating the hit-and-run show to its successful end. She can now sleep good listening to Teddy Afro songs.

It is true, the queen is not listening to Bob Marley’s, “No woman No cry”, because this time the one crying is Teddy’s mother and millions of his admirers. It is indeed today is a day of crying in Ethiopia and also a call for more martyrs to carry the Ethiopian flag until freedom.

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