Tariku Abera (ታሪኩ አበራ) By Wondimu Mekonnen

The London Debre Tsion, Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC) remains completely shut leaving the flocks of Christ in the cold. And yet, God is great! He did not abandon his sheep without a shepherd. He provided them with a shepherd mysteriously using the hands of those very people who locked out the sheep in the open.

Ethiopians say, a name is given by an angel (ስምን መልአክ ያወጣዋል). The meaning of Tariku Abera, loosely translated is, “His life history shines”. Indeed, he is the shining star of Ethiopian Orthodox church. Tariku’s teachings seem to electrify the audience as he delivers. Tariku preaches Christ with passion and convictions. His words are trustworthy because he speaks them out with faith in the Lord. The words just flow like the current of a river by themselves, constructing convincing statements.

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