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Conference on Prospects for a Stable, Democratic and Prosperous Future

Prospects for a Stable, Democratic and Prosperous Future

The Ethiopian Satellite Television and Radio (ESAT) Service, in collaboration with Ethiopian academics and pro-democracy advocates, has finalized preparations to host a two day symposium on “Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa: Prospects for a Stable, Democratic and Prosperous Future” which will be held from May 9-10, 2015 at the Sheraton National Hotel, 900 Orme Street, Arlington, VA.During the two day conference, scholars, pro-democracy advocates from the Ethiopian Diaspora and friends of Ethiopia shall present their papers and discuss the current socio-political and economic challenges facing Ethiopia and propose practical solutions and recommendations that would allow Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa region as a whole to enjoy lasting peace, stability, democracy and economic prosperity.

Considering the geo-politically strategic position Ethiopia holds in the fight against religious fundamentalism and extremism, and the critical role it could play in bringing about stability in the Horn of Africa, the international community should closely follow what is going in Ethiopia and in the sub region. Currently, all available data from diverse institutions show that conditions in Ethiopia are not sustainable in several ways. Based on most indicators, the future prospect of the country is gloomy unless all stakeholders that care about Ethiopia’s future constructively engage in finding lasting solutions. This conference aims at bringing together key players and voices to discuss and formulate practical recommendations that may bring lasting and sustainable peace and stability in Ethiopia, in particular, and the Horn of Africa, in general.

The Following Are the Specific Objectives of the Conference:

  1. Raise awareness on national and regional issues such as lack of democracy, good governance, ethnic politics, fundamentalism, and so on.
  2. Understand the current situation in Ethiopia and devise strategies to bring a lasting change in the region.
  3. Redirect the attention and focus of the international community to address the real causes of instability in the Horn of Africa and examine (re-examine) Ethiopia’s strategic roles as well as her counterproductive contributions in destabilizing the region.
  4. Identify the vital roles civil societies, political parties, and the media could play in shaping the future of Ethiopia and the region as a whole.

The Areas of Focus will include, but not limited to:

  1. Current conditions in Ethiopia—governance, human rights, civil society, socio-economic issues, environmental degradation, land grab , ethnic and identity issues and problems, etc.;
  2. The democratic forces and the 2015 national election: Is there any meaningful benefit in participating in an election without the requisite conditions for a free and fair election in the country?
  3. Current and new directions for Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa;
  4. Areas of interventions and resolutions as we look ahead to the immediate and long-term future.

Language of presentation shall be in both the Amharic and English languages. For further information, please contact the Organizing Committee Via email: or by telephone at 571- 335-4964

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