Suppressions and subjugation in Tigray

TPLF authorities  demolished his house as revenge and built 2 villas EMF (May 20, 2008) The people in Tigray are devoid of justice and very much subjugated, a retired teacher said from Mekelle yesterday. “The people here are under grip of fear. No body listens to our voices.” Aboy Tafere Reda said in a short interview with ECADF. Aboy Tafere Reda, one of the victims of TPLF’s crimes, is a retired teacher living in Mekelle. He was in prison for 6 months apparently for opposing the injustice being commited by the TPLF. The Zenawi authorities released him fearing a mass move as he was very popular in the city. But the authorities have demolished his house as revenge and built 2 villas (see picture). Asked about the living condition in the region, Aboy Tafere, a father of six, said he couldn’t afford to survive buying a quintal of Teff for 900 (1,000 in Addis) Birr with his income of 428 Birr. The authorities fixed the Teff price to 540 Birr per quintal. But this amount is only applicable for Zenawi’s cadres in the region, he said. Listen to his short interview (Amharic) with ECADF.

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