Spontaneous mass uprisings expected in Ethiopia

rally ethiopiaEMF (30 May 2008) The chance of spontaneous mass uprisings is growing in Ethiopia as the population reaches at an almost unbearable level of survival and ever deteriorating economic situation, EMF sources said.

“Sharp rise of products in global market, coupled with embezzlements and government corruptions resulted in unbearable increase on food prices in Ethiopia,” our correspondent from Addis Ababa said. “People are not eating these days. Hunger, frustration and fear reign among the population.” He added.

The crisis is so severe that even some ‘well-to-do’ people are reportedly scared of going out side from home for fear of burglary. “The situation is literally swelling to its limit and is going to explode. If the current stats quo continues for some weeks, mass uprisings are expected in Ethiopia in the coming months.” Our sources said.

Some analysts are also saying that Ethiopia is at severe risk of mass rebellion since the people have been pushed, beyond endurance, by the political suppression and the worsening economic situation. This week’s protest by Addis Ababa university students is case in point.

Although the direct causes are still unknown, civil strife and inter-clan fighting’s have erupted in several regions in Ethiopia. News of bomb blast in cities has become a routine phenomenon in the country. Electricity and water shortages are regular occurrences.

“The regime seems unable to govern the country as survival becomes unbearable for the nation.” Our source said.

More information on the worsening market situation can be found [here ] (Amharic)

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