Spirit vs. War-machine By Aregawi Berhe (PhD)

Spirit vs. War-machine: A Patriotic Resistance to Italian  Occupation of Ethiopia (1936-1941)

“…The traditional past, for most Ethiopians, was therefore not as bad as the “modern” present with the disposition of the Italians around. In both cases, the raison d`etre of the motivation for change towards the mission behind the Italian occupation was rather negative. So, one can hardly see a positive impact of Italy’s modernity on Ethiopia’s traditionality.”

Ethiopian Resistance: Click here to read the story in PDF

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One Response to Spirit vs. War-machine By Aregawi Berhe (PhD)

  1. tewbel

    February 26, 2015 at 6:53 PM

    I read a couple of comments about the article which I find to be an excellent monograph about Ethiopia history.
    The two people who made the comments, should read Ethiopian history in depth, which obviously they have not done.