Seiko Toure reacts to Tesfaye Gebreab’s book

Seiku Ture“You betrayed all,” reads a letter from Bereket Simo’s office to the author of the new book, “journalist’s memoire”. The letter was sent by the name of Seiko Toure addressed to Tesfaye Gebreab.

“I tell you, for the rest of your life, you will fight to abandon the pursuit of your guilt,” said Seiko Toure, EPRDF’s public relations chief, referring to the TPLF’s secrets the book exposed. “But you will not be able to escape.”

Tesfaye Gebreab’s book, released last month is said to be an explosive to the Meles Zenawi regime by providing exclusive secrets which were only known to small circle of the ruling TPLF. EPRDF’s Seiko Ture has as such no say with in the party, his post is symbolic and he  is always driven by Bereket Simon.

Read the email below:

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Seiko Toure < >

Date: 2009/2/2

Subject: testimony of betrayal


Hi!I have read your recent book. I don’t want to comment on what you have written about me. What I want to tell you is that I was consistent on my belief regarding you. Finally you have admitted that you were not in our domain, starting the first day!

This country had given you more than you have contributed. The EPRDF was so generous to accommodate you and give you the authority and wealth you abused it. Hiwot, Tsigereda, Zufan… loved you, though you were pretending that you loved them. Finally you lost everyone! You betrayed all!

Now you are coming back with a story to resurrect desperately your fatally damaged identity. You are opting for a struggle for which you are not created. I tell you, for the rest of your life, you will fight to abandon the pursuit of your guilt. But you will not be able to escape. You will remain unsatisfied and in a continuous and desperate act of insulting those who are making history, at least to satisfy your ill fated mind.

For us, regardless our weaknesses, we have got an objective which is changing the whole of Ethiopia, including the Yerer and Kereyu Oromo peasants you pretend loving them. We are writing history which can’t be destroyed by any kind of force; forget your testimony of betrayal. Though we don’t have the right to be remembered positively in history, I think, we may have a dignified share of appreciation for our heroic struggle for the betterment of this great nation.


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