Satellite Television To Begin 24 hrs Transmission

Ethiopian Satellite Television Service To Begin Direct Transmission To EthiopiaPress Release, 10 April 2010— The Board of Governors of Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) is pleased to announce the launch of service to Ethiopia and around the world at the end of April 2010. The governing Board believes that an alternative media access to the full range of ideas, information, and differing perspectives will enable all Ethiopians to gain critical understanding of the complex problems they face and make informed choices.

ESAT is the first independent Ethiopian satellite service tasked to produce accurate and balanced news and information, as well as other entertainment, sports and cultural programming created for and by Ethiopians.

ESAT is committed to the highest standards of broadcast journalism and programming and will strive to provide an outlet of expression to all segments of the diverse Ethiopian community worldwide. ESAT subscribes to the central credo of professional journalists that “public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of democracy.” To that end, ESAT shall be accountable to its viewers and listeners.

ESAT believes that suppression of press freedoms, persecution of journalists, closure of newspapers and magazines and interference in the free flow of information over the air or other electronic means is harmful and counterproductive to the goal of peaceful change and transformation. Through its commitment to fundamental press freedoms, ESAT aims to become an effective mechanism of dialogue, communication and exchange for all Ethiopians.

We urge all Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia to lend us their moral, professional and financial support as we begin this historic effort.

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