Samuel’s Failure Fest

Samuel Assefa19 Jan. 2009 (Washington, DC) Ambassador of Ethiopian dictator in USA, Dr. Samuel Assefa celebrated the so-called ‘Foreign Diplomats Inaugural Ball’ alone on Sunday, sources close to the embassy said.

Several government officials were invited at the pre-inauguration celebration event for President-Elect Barrack Obama and Vice President Elect Joseph Biden Jr. at the historic President James Monroe Mansion on Sunday evening.

According to reports, Ethiopian-American have protested by calling and sending hundreds of emails to president-elect Barack Obama, advising him that the pre-inauguration celebration was solely organized by Ethiopian dictator, and dancing with Ethiopia’s war criminals, as witnessed by Human Rights Watch, would hamper his reputation.

Ethiomedia’s investigative reporting has established that the so-called Foreign Diplomat Gala is an exclusively Ethiopian Embassy affair. There are no other countries co-sponsoring the event or is part of a committee to organize it.

Invited members of the ruling TPLF in Washington, DC area didn’t show up at the fest, let alone foreign dignitaries, the source said.

Some observers say most of the invited foreign guests failed to appear at the gala after discovering the Embassy’s lie that the event is cosponsored by other diplomats.

It is sad to see a-once-respected scholar and philosopher, Dr. Samuel Assefa being humiliated as such, and is serving his boss Meles Zenawi, who has been proved as Africa’s most pathological liar.

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