SaharaTV’s Adeola Interviews Abebe Gellaw on deportation of Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia

Ethiopian Journalist, Abebe Gellaw joined SaharaTV’s Adeola Fayehun to explain the ongoing deportation of Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia. Gellaw, an exiled journalist and founder of Addis Voice stated that “There are over 30,000 Ethiopians held in concentration camps [in Saudi Arabia],” said Gellaw. He also noted that those in concentration camps rarely receive food and medical help. According to Gellaw, “The Ethiopian Government is part of the problem.” Because of oppressive living conditions in Ethiopia “The people of Ethiopia go to Saudi Arabia for better opportunities but unfortunately that hasn’t been the case,”said Gellaw. In efforts to expose this situation, Gellaw says he and other protestors are appealing to the international community. Watch video below:

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