Response to President Trump’s Insult on African Countries

Open letter to:
The Secretary General of the United Nations
The European Union Parliament
The Secretary General of the African Union
The US Congressional Leaders
All concerned countries and people
Human Rights Organizations

January 17, 2018

Re: President Donald Trump’s Use of the words: “Shitohole Countries in Africa and Haiti”

The Consortium of Ethiopian Civic Society Organization (TIBIBIR) presents its respectful compliments and submits this appeal for an expeditious consideration.

It has been reported widely that the US President, Mr. Donald Trump, has used the vulgar, racist and demeaning term: “shithole” referring to Haiti and Africa which contains 55 countries. Such a gross statement by a US President is not only unbecoming of a leader of a nation that has democratic values but also a clear and total disrespect of basic human rights of the African and Haitian people who comprise 40% of the global population. The President’s disgraceful statement is of a particular concern as he is speaking in his capacity as the leader of the United States of America, representing all of us.

It has been noted that the African Union has asked for an apology by President Trump. It is further noted that some nations such as Botswana and Nigeria have expressed their objections to President Donald Trump’s statement. However, Tibibir submits this appeal for a more appropriate action by the concerned international organizations and member countries in order to ensure that such a disrespect of soverign countries and their people would not be tolerated and so that the culture of mutual respect and international collaboration would be enhanced.

We, therefore, appeal for the following effective measures to be undertaken expeditiously:

  1. That the above mentioned international organizations consider the US President’s extremely vulgar statement in their respective assemblies and adopt resolutions condemning the President’s abusive statement;
  2. That the US Congress give the issue a serious consideration and adopt a resolution censuring President Donald Trump for his extremely embarrassing and shamefully insulting remark on countries and people who are on friendly terms with the United States;
  3. That all countries including Ethiopia and people who espouse principles of mutual respect call on their respective governments to ensure that appropriate action is taken to deal with President Donald Trump’s most inappropriate remarks;
  4. That President Donald Trump who considers himself brilliant recognizes the gross error he has committed and apologizes sincerely to the governments and people of Africa and Haiti.

With the assurances of our highest respect,
Betru Gebregziabher,

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7 Responses to Response to President Trump’s Insult on African Countries

  1. Candy Reply

    February 1, 2018 at 7:07 PM

    Dear— Unless you are unwilling to open up to the truth– it is well known that the native land has a reputation of that of the third world. Unless you consider your self a special class of class- you mite agree their exists a reputation state of poverty.

    Truthfully — Neighbours do not really give a dam about the political past– and are very capable of knowing that– someone is trying to drag everyone down. There is no point– pretending our familiars are not close or human the same.

    Do you not agree so that Ethiopia shroud be rich, ?? Well– Perhaps when the Now the South African and East african organisation – which has been acting the fraud so long has now left Africa in power– The country should rise up.

    There is no point– running away– Lets Make Africa Great Again!

  2. Candy Reply

    February 1, 2018 at 7:43 PM

  3. Candy Reply

    February 2, 2018 at 12:32 AM

    Here my darlings , is a copy of the brief sentence of 30 years, until court herd
    — For staff, and family of Comesa community service commitments

    Attention of office,

    You will be required to report to community service duties for up to 30 years, in each country of offence.
    In South America and east Africa you may only leave one country once a year, unless you commit to more community service, eg public toilets, rice paddy fields- etc.
    If there are no allocation positions available you will not be permitted to leave the city or country and could be under house arrest, If you fail to commit to community service you could be sent to jail for up to 3 days, and 20 further days for any time spent over allocated time, You may also be required to immediately, be transported to another county to assist community service where required eg public toilets , rice paddy etc. Should you refuse you could have all your belongings reprocessed, and conditionally detained for eventual abuse of authoritative command.
    Should this happen more than 3 times you could be banned from entering any UN country.

    You will be notified further of your oblations.

    In South America, you will be briefed by North Korea officials- you will comply to order of the military command to allocate your community service slot.
    You will be expected to meet a good level of enthusiasm, in your required community position . This is because your responsibility may be required to work in South American Prison Toilets.
    And Clean them, which is not a job suited everybody which is a job most people fail in to reach high standards,

    In Africa- you will complete at least one day service every 6 months in each state of Africa excluding the south. You will be expected to work for farmers, Build toilets and clean them, learn how to perform African cultural dances.

    In India, you will be required to use your right hand to wipe the public clean of excretion, you may not reach responsibility levels of this post. Exclusion from community service in India will result in a beating.

    You will not be permitted to enter America north or south america nor Europe indeed South Africa , until all community positions have been for filled, to a high standard.If you fail you will be sent to repeat all posts once more, after serving a 3 day custodial sentence. missing Posts will not disqualify you from custodial detention periods should you miss your required slot.

    For your information, You will be forbidden to sit in first/ or Business class etc at any time for the next 30 years.

    and so forth– SO you will in general be expected to commit to work with your family members included. Each family member must meet the required satisfaction standard- or you will be forced into famine as punishment All and most associated affiliates , may have to do 2 days community service for every one day you spend.

    Please clear your Ships/ cancel any logistics process and wind down to the new expectations of the new African stats orders- GRANTED, in association with all major currency countries , 90% of the networks shared with Russia and Azerbaijan.

    Thank you

  4. sadie Reply

    February 2, 2018 at 1:27 PM

    If Tramp would like to get rid of all africans then he and his fellow family that lived in africa and exploit africa all this years need to leave the continent, you all are rich because you are steeling from us and the rest of the world. You creat all the war arround the world so people do not turn on you. so just be careful what you have said president Tramp, what you do and say will affect your generation to come.

  5. truth be told Reply

    February 5, 2018 at 7:48 PM

    The fact tells the truth and the truth is we Africans have corrupt and bastard leaders who lives like a leech
    sucking their own blood, by stealing the a country’s wealth and siphoning it to western countries simple example is Egypt, Libya, Nigeria ETHIOPIA (a corrupt ethnic minority of daylight robbers) remember Daniel ArapMoye of Kenya or Mobutu Seseseko or for that matter Sudan,Uganda, Congo, Somalia, Chad etc. Give me a good example of a sitting leader who is not dirty, shameless and corrupt who will have some history to leave before he dies and I will assume different, heheheh it is a bitter to swallow and that is why we are here in the west residing as a voluntary modern slave. If our countries are different we would have lived with pride and if we were lucky we would have different leaders like that with moral standard. Look African union has condemned labelled as a shit hole, sitting on a building that is built for free for them, imagine each bastard leaders can’t contribute 50 million and build one for them selves but each has stolen hundreds of millions if not billions shameless.

  6. Ezana Reply

    February 6, 2018 at 1:32 AM

    With all due respect to you guys, I think probably in one of few instances President Donald Trump might be justified in that one. If you look at what has been going on in Africa and still what is going on, calling it shithole is not un overstatement.It is just calling a spade a spade.

  7. aler Reply

    February 13, 2018 at 2:34 PM

    Mr. President you gave us name, and you want us to leave your continent, for all respect you also make sure your sheet holes family (European)in Africa that lives of Africa wealth, to leave our continent. remember America is reach because of the world contribution that you take 70% of the world wealth. Just

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