Reeyot Alemu roasted TPLF agent Gebrekiros Abraha

By Tizabi
A few weeks ago Ethiopians from all walks of life gathered in Nashville, Tennessee, to support ESAT and discuss issues of concern. Reeyot Alemu known for her courage and unwavering stand against tyranny was a guest of honor. Gross human rights violations was top on the agenda.

The inconvenient truth was too uncomfortable for a TPLF spy who sneaked in the meeting hall. The TPLF agent, who even worked at the spying entity called Information Network Security Agency, was full of himself. Gebrekiros Abraha,wanted to lecture and dictate what freedom-loving Ethiopians gathered should and should not do. He told them not to raise money for ESAT. According to him, the only enemy for oppressed Ethiopians was poverty. “You should know your enemy,” he lectured.
“If you don’t know your enemy, weha bewektut enboch,” he said with a mix of faltering English and Amharic.

People took turns to vent out their anger at his arrogance and ignorance. But it was Reeyot Alemu who roasted the TPLF agent. “Let alone our money, we will give our blood,” she told him.

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