Prof. Tecola Hagos’ protest against Tamiru’s article

Dear Editor,

I read Mr. Tamiru Ayele’s brief article “A Misunderstanding on Tecola’s book price,” posted in your Website on 19 February 2015. The brief article is full of demeaning and accusatory statements. Before accusing Prof Mekonnen for missing “the small print and some details,” Tamiru Ayele himself should have checked his odious misrepresentation about me writing the said book while I was an official of the “TPLF-led regime,” despite the fact Prof Mekonnen stated that the book is based on a seminar-lecture I conducted at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University in 1997.

Tamiru Ayele wrote, “If Dr. Mekonnen had done more research, he would also have found one important fact that rare books, which the author wrote when he was an official of the TPLF-led regime, pricing is arbitrary. In fact, the book in question can illustrate this reality.” [emphasis mine]

The fact of the matter is that I resigned from the Ethiopian Government in 1993 having worked as a senior advisor for a little over a year and a half, and I left Ethiopia in 1993. I was a fellow at Harvard University Law School for two academic years 1993 to 1995. Starting from 1998 to date, for the last seventeen years, I have been teaching Philosophy and Composition Courses at a local college in Maryland. As an aside, let Tamiru Ayele and all others know that you are not heaping some special honor on me if you address me as “Prof Tecola W. Hagos,” which is how even the President of the college addresses me, which I see some of you choking over.

Abraha, although I appreciate your role as Editor, you should not have wasted space and time for such sophomoric writing that adds nothing to the mystery of the pricing of books of any kind. The price is still high, almost the same price only less by fifty dollars or so. I demand a public apology for misrepresentation and the innuendo from Tamiru Ayele and a solemn promise that he will not write about me or in reference to me ever again without first checking his facts.

Yours Sincerely,
Tecola W. Hagos

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3 Responses to Prof. Tecola Hagos’ protest against Tamiru’s article

  1. yilmab

    February 23, 2015 at 1:47 PM

    Dear Professor Tecola what exactly are you complaining about? The only little insignificant issue is the author claiming you wrote the book while you were an official of the TPLF regime. So you wrote it later fine with us but it still does not make any difference regarding ‘pricing’ which the article is all about. I feel you are pissed off because he mentioned that little embarrassing moment when you served the war lord and you seem to be touchy about that period in your life. The best way to correct that and set the record straight would be what exactly did you advice the warlord about and tell us more about him and his evil ways and I assure you your book would be sold for less and be read by many. What you trying to do is bully the author, editors and the rest of us and that does not work here. Your fake indignation is not acceptable and your bullying is not appreciated and I suggest you apologize for venting on the author for no valid reason what so ever.

  2. fikeranesgne

    February 24, 2015 at 3:22 AM

    I couldn’t make sense of prof. Tecola’s arguments or why he was bothered to respond for the stated article when he has no persuasive facts as claimed. The only thing Prof. Tecola, as he likes to be addressed as such, seems to have been angry about is the vanity of seeking honours among our intellectuals for their personal accadamic achievements. The good news is that the prisedent of the local college addresses you correctly to your likness. I see lots of critical articles on this website posted by the prof. But he can’t entertain any little criticism when directed at him. Well, the usual vanity and attention seeking syndrome of our academician. Bless them!

  3. weres kassaye

    July 10, 2016 at 8:24 PM

    ተኮላ ሃጎስ ሊሳሳት ይችላል; ሚዛኑን ጠብቆ የመረዳት አቅምና ፍላጎት ላላቸው ሰዎች ለማስረዳት አቅምና ትግስት እንዳለው ከጽህፎቹ ተገንዝበአለሁ:: አላማው መማማር መረዳዳት ሳይሆን መረታታት መቸቃቸቅ እንየበልጥ እንየበልጥ ከሆነ ላልተማረው የሚያወናግር ለተማረው ግዝየ የሚያባክን ስለሚሆን እባካቹህ የአስተሳሰብ ለውጥ በሚያመታ መልኩ መድረኮች ይስፉ::
    በህብረተ-ሰቡ ውስጥ መሃከል{ንቁ ]ተራ ሰዎች አሉ: ሙሁሩ አውቃሎህ ያለውን ሲፈላሰፍ ሲተነትን ሲነታረክ ሲቸቃቸቅ ሰምተው የራቸው ግንዛብየ ይወስዳሉ::
    ሙሁር አሁንም የህዝብና የሱ እውቀት ልዩነት የሰማይና የመሬት ያክል ይመስለዋል: ፉጹም አይደለም:ባጭሩ ከትውልድ ትውልድ እየተወራረሰ እየተንከባለለ አሁን መሬት ላይ ያለ የትናንት የሚነግር የነገን ለመተንበይ የሚያስችል የሁላችን ለተማረም ላልተማረም በጋራ ተቀድቶና ታፍሶ የማያልቅ በጥልቀትና በስፋት በጋራችን ስላለ ህዝብ ተንኮል ሰፍጥ ቀናና ጤማማ አይገባውም ብለው በየመድረኩ ደፋቀና የሚሉትን;በዘመቻ መልኩ ካልተባረሩ ጊዜ ጉልበት ቦታ ገንዘብ እንዲሁ እየባከነ ነው::ተኮላ አላውቀውም:የጽሁፎቹ ሚዛን ግን እወደዋለሁ::