Prof. Ehprem mediating Meles and opposition

26 May (EMF) –  Prof. Ephrem Issac, Haile G.Sellasie and Judge Tamiru Wondimagenge are shuttling between Menelik palace and opposition blocks to ease the tension created in the aftermath of the rigged Ethiopian elections.Meles Zenawi has agreed for talks under condition of opposition silence, reliable source from Addis Ababa said. According to sources, Zenawi demanded the opposition to accept the rigged election result. He is offering them a governmental post. (We will post the details soon). 

The regime is deploying Special Forces in major cities as tension is growing in the country.

According to sources, hundreds of opposition members are being arrested as violence is sparking in some areas. “Hundreds of our members are being arrested in Oromia as I speak now,” Prof. Merera said on Wednesday, in an interview with ESAT.

“Two of our members are shot dead and ten members of the opposion Oromo congress have been wounded, Thousands are beaten…” Merera added.

In an interview with Mr. Thijs Berman, Chief of EU observer mission to Ethiopia, The newly launched ESAT reported on Wednesday that he is very much disappointed by Bereket Simon’s statement about EU observers which misleads the Ethiopian public. Bereket’s  statement is contrary to the report of EU EOM. “The Ethiopian public should know the truth, ” he said.

“Fear and anxiety has reigned in Ethiopia, the people never speak their thoughts freely.” Thijs added.

If the regime is committed to democracy, it has to release political prisoners and allow the participation of the Diaspora, Thijs said.

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