Pro-democracy websites and blogs unblocked

EMF (01 March 2009) Reliable sources in Addis Ababa have informed EMF this week that all pro-democracy websites and blogs suddenly made access to internet users.

The websites had been unblocked shortly after the US state department released its 2008 Human Rights Reports, condemning the regime’s blocking Web sites, including the sites of the OLF, ONLF, Ginbot 7, and several news blogs and sites run by opposition Diaspora groups, such as the Ethiopian Review,, Quatero Amharic Magazine and the Ethiopian Media Forum.

Media watchdog, Reporters without Borders complained several times that the government was censoring sites deemed critical of the government. The New York based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) stated that its servers were inaccessible to users, and that emails were not coming through to CPJ.

The Meles Zenawi regime was denying being involved in blocking the sites.

Reliable source from the Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation (ETC), the state-run monopoly telecom and Internet provider, told EMF that the Zenawi’s administration is using the Chinese expertises to block the sites and jam opposition shortwave Radios.

“By doing so the regime is spending the country’s hard earned, multi-million, foreign currency which is supposed to be used for the development purposes.” The source said.

Ethiopia, China and Zimbabwe are the three most named countries in the world which experience blocking internet access to sites.

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