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On the morning of December 11, I got a shocking email from my good friend Tefera Tibebu Beyene about his Son, Mikias Tefera Tibebu who was an 18 year old senior at Schaumburg high school, Chicago. He died in a hit and run accident. It took me a while to take it in. We had had a brief discussion a few days before the accident and he was telling me how his son was selected as a finalist to receive a full scholarship at Pomona College in California and was scheduled for an interview the following week.

Anyone could understand the shock Tefera and his family went through. I went to the funeral in Chicago and witnessed how much of a leader and mentor he was to his friends and classmates. His friends lined up to tearfully talk about how he had impacted their lives. Mikias was an outstanding student who received two Presidential Academic Excellence awards from President George Bush in 2007, and President Barack Obama in 2009; the highest medal (Excellence in Academic Award) from his high school in 2012; was inducted into the Spanish Honor Society at his school; was recognized as an Illinois State scholar in 2012; was a cross country runner; mentor to his brothers and sister; and close friend to his parents.

He left the house on Friday evening to watch a movie and have dinner with his friends and an hour before he was killed he had talked to his dad assuring him that his friends will give him ride back home. He never came back. Around 1:00 AM the police knocked on their door and told them the sad story. The preliminary investigation by the police concluded that it was a “car hit and run” but subsequent findings are making the police have doubts and the family is looking for the truth. The police having not found enough evidence are not actively pursuing the investigation so the family has hired a private investigator to help them get closure to this tragic and heart breaking loss and planned to hire an attorney to investigate and bring justice to Mikias. The total cost for investigation & attorney fees would be in the thousands and they have opened a “PayPal” account to allow friends and concerned Ethiopians to contribute toward the fund.

The webpage dedicated to Mikias is has a link to make donations. If you want to support the family and donate towards this investigation fund you can use this link They also shared their mailing address below for those who are interested in mailing donations.

Tefera Beyene
809 Westfield Lane
Schaumburg, IL 60193

I am personally asking for your contribution and pass the information through your network as this is the least we can do to help his family find out the truth and bring closure. May GOD give comfort to the family and help them find the truth.

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