People are selling livestock to buy arms

sudan_border.jpgEMF (12 July 2008) People in Ethio-Sudan border area are selling their livestocks and properties to buy riffles as the situation remain tense at Ethio-Sudan border, EMF sources said. “It is a fight for survival!” says the reporter. “Sudan is harassing Ethiopian living in the territory given by Meles zenawi’s secret deal.”  The Sudanese army deployed across the border is also threatening our people to leave the area. According to the sources, the prise of Russian made A.K.M has reached at 14,000 ET. Birr in the region.

The border fighting has erupted on Wednesday, 9 July 2008 around 10AM. An unidentified armed men from the local area engaged Meles Zenawi’s army that was stationed at Kokit, 12 KM from the town of Metema. The forces have totally destroyed the woyane’s army on the main highway to Gondar. Eye witnesses who fled from Kokit said the situation is very tense. Some causality has also been reported from the side of civilian.

The Sudanese regime accused woyane for the incident last week in north of Nebs Gebeya. But there is no evidence of Zenawi’s army involved in the fight despite some rumours that a group of defected army officers have been assisting the Ethiopian fighters.


Meanwhile Sudanese regime has temporarily agreed with Zenawi to re-open Metema and Abderafi. Metama was cut off from Ethiopia on Wednesday as the Sudanese army has blocked roads and closed all communication channels. The Sudanese army agreed to reopen the road after woyane argued that the problem is caused by the chauvinists AMHARAS, and his government has not involved in the fight. Report also disclosed that several militias and civilians, wounded by the fighting, are getting treatments in Chechela hospital in Gonder.

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