Out of 55 scholarship students 50 are Tigreans

TPLF FLAG28 November 2008 — Out of 55 scholarship students who are sent to the Wageningen University (Netherlands) by Zenawi’s tribal regime, 50 are ethnic Tigreans, source said on condition of anonymity.

“Most of the students came directly from Mekele University in collaboration with Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR).” Source said. “But the criterion to follow the MSc-courses appears to be neither excellence nor student’s GPA. Rather ethnic background is the major factor for selection.”

Some of the students getting scholarship for the MSc-courses abroad do not even know how to write their names properly, let alone following courses in English, according to the source.

Asked how do they collect their MSc/PhD diplomas if they are so ignorant? The source said, “That would not be a problem for the university. They can stay for years in the university as long as the students pay tuition fees.”

Since the gang of the Tigrian People Libration Front (TPLF) came to power in 1991, it openly pursuit its policy of “abundance” and/or “dominance”. The TPLF has also asserted its dominance in all aspects of life.

The regime is deliberately creating a clear rift among ethnic lines by favoring and empowering only one minority group. Observers say the political and economic dominance by the TPLF gangs can be compared to the Tutsi supremacy in Rwanda which led to mass murder and genocide in 1994. One such example is Tyrant Meles Zenawi’s speech at a TPLF Rally. Zenawi arrogantly declared that he feels proud to be a descendent of the “Golden Tigray,” unlike the rest. Watch the short clip hier from youtube.

According to the report of the Indian Ocean Newsletter, five of the eight colonels recently promoted to brigadier general are Tigrayans; 1. Kinfe Dagnew, 2. Gzebre-Silassie, 3. Gebre-Michael Beyene Tedela, 4. Hintsa Wolde-Giorgis Yohannis, 5. Tekle-Birhan Kahsay Birush and 6. Masho Beyene Desta.

The TPLF gang is doing its utmost effort to stay long in power. Favoring the Tigreans in order to create tensions from the majority ethnic groups is case in point. It is a calculated methodology to get the support from the ethnic Tigrean by inflicting hatred from others against them.

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