Oromo Lawyers Association Leaders Getachew Woyessa & Hunde Dhugassa On The Oromo Conference

Oromo Lawyers Association Leaders Getachew Woyessa & Hunde Dhugassa Speaks | Hiber Radio

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2 Responses to Oromo Lawyers Association Leaders Getachew Woyessa & Hunde Dhugassa On The Oromo Conference

  1. Dany

    November 2, 2016 at 8:12 PM

    ስብሰባው ያቀፈው ተራ ህዝብን ሳይሆን የተማሩ የተመራመሩ በአብዛኛው የህግ ባለሞያዎችን በመሆኑ የሚነገረውን በደንብ የሚገነዘቡ ለመሆናቸው የሚያደናገር ነገር ያለ አይመስለኝም.
    የአንድ ድርጅት ተውካይም ይሁን ግለሰብ በእልፍ አእላፋት የህዝብ ደምና አጥንት የተገነባችን ሀገር አፍርሼ ለኦሮሞን ነጻነት አጎናጽፋለው ብሎ ሲናገር የተከተለው ጭብጨባ ለንግግሩ ‘Approval or seconded መሆኑን አይገልጽም ስትሉን አይምሮአችንን መስደብ መሆኑን የተገነዘባችሁ አትመስሉም.
    ሙሶሎኒ ኢትዮጵያን በኮሎኒ ለማስተዳደር ዉሳኔውን ባደባባይ ለተሰበሰበው ህዝብ ሲገልጥ ያገኘው ከፍተኛ ጭብጨባ ከዚህ በምን ይለያል.
    ለመሆኑ አንድ ሰው የተቃወመ/boo ያረገ/ስብሰባውን ረግጦ የውጣ አለ ?
    አክቲቭኢስትነን ባዮች: ዛሬ ሰው ውዳዱን የኦሮሞ ህዝብ ከውንድሞቹና እህቶቹ ማለቂያ በማይኖረው ግጭት ደም አቃብታችሁ የስልጣን ጥማችሁን ለማርካት እንደእባብ ካብለካብ መሽሎክለክ የማታ የማታ የሚያሳፍርና የሚያሸማቅቅ ውድቀትን ነው የምትጋቱት .እያንዳንዱዋን እንቅስቃሰእችሁን በንቃት እያየን መሆኑን እንድታውቁት.
    እውነትና ንጋት እየጠራ ይሄዳል እንደሚባለው የፈጠራ ታሪካችሁ ;ቻርተራችሁ ;የጦር ሀይል ምስረታችሁ…ወዘተ እንደ ጉም ይበተናል.ትርፉ ግን ያስተዛዝባል.

  2. Assea Kebede Jida

    November 10, 2016 at 1:29 PM

    We the majority of Oromo people, no doubt, respect and proud of and agree to the response to the personal opinion of The DR., What does Ethiopia means to us, do really, it will happen. Today even many Eriterians claim to be Ethiopians and serve the country. We should be proud of them too. North to South, East to West, citizens are Ethiopians.

    The right to all issues in all directions of politics, economy, social, culture, religion, etc.,
    are same for all and should be. All Ethiopians want to remain, Ethiopians, the local recognition of rights, religion culture, economy, etc. should be respected. It is wise not to waste time for unrealistic ambitions, mostly the young citizens of Ethiopia. The so called political organizations need to learn, the country is ABOVE ALL.

    Our great grand fathers and grand fathers fought for Ethiopia. Is there a reason really, to ask questions of the current of the current questions of today. By the way, the current Ethiopian citizens who claim to be independent, do really have a thought of how many Oromo people died in those past 50 years, do you think it will be easy as you think to be alone, even the land or Oromo people alone. We need to learn from the past and avoid the death of citizens, plan for the whole sum well-being, peace, prosperity, religious harmony and sisterhood and brotherhood, and ONE ETHIOPIA.

    We have the responsibility to be responsible for what we in hearited from great grand parents and grand parents etc. to our children and future generation so that they will be proud of not to be ashamed of.

    Again, we are very much proud of the RESPONSE FROM
    THE OROMO LAYERS ASSOCIATION with respect to the issue(s) at the conference in London. Ethiopia aa nujiratu nus enjiran.