Opposition Vows to Stage Anti-Government Protests


Addis Ababa — Ethiopia’s Newly established opposition Party Semayawi (Blue Party) on Thursday vowed to stage anti-government rally after the group was banned from holding demonstrations last week. Blue Party Chairman, Yilkal Getnet, told Sudan Tribune that the group will soon stage protest rally to call up on the government to make political reforms.

However, he declined to reveal when the protests will be held but said will be announced soon. The planned protests also intend to call for the release of all political prisoners including Journalists being arrested under the controversial anti terrorism proclamation.

Blue Party first planned to stage a protest on Sunday, the same day when government called a huge counter-extremism rally. However, Blue party said it was banned from staging the rally then. Hundreds of thousands of residents in Addis Ababa on Sunday gathered at Meskel square to denounce a growing extremism in the dominantly Christian nation.

The pro-government demonstration aimed to promote centuries old religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence among religions in the Horn of Africa’s nation. The opposition official alleged that dozens of its members and supporters were arrested following Sunday’s anti-extremism rally.

However, communication minister, Shimeles Kemal, dismissed the allegations and denied there were arrests against members of the opposition party. Kemal said the Blue Party wasn’t granted a permit to stage rally on Sunday.

Government officials said Blue Party was not banned from staging rally but it was only asked to postpone it just for security reasons. The opposition group further alleged that government agents have confiscated or destroyed over $ 20,000 worth belongings of the party during the crackdown and vowed to take the case to court.

After the Blue Party held a rare demonstration against the government in June along with Muslim protesters, some government officials since suspect the opposition party of having links with local Extremist groups.

The group is accused of backing an emerging religious extremism to advance its own political agenda, an allegation it denies.

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